Informatica Borsan Gained a Top-Level Flexible Tool for Organizing Client Tickets

Date of implementation:

April 2020

Headquarters (city, country):

Madrid, Spain


IT solutions for the appraisal industry

Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

Support, systems, administration, and quality

Informatica Borsan who develops high-level software solutions for real estate appraisal companies used an own but very simple tool. They needed to manage the messages from customers in an organized way according to their priority in an easy-to-use tool with a support team and chose Easy Redmine.

Before switching to Easy Redmine

Borsan S.L. used a tool developed by their own computer scientists but soon it became clear that it is too simple for the company's needs plus the maintenance costs were high as it was an application developed only for internal use.

The assignment

Expectations to meet

  • Organization and follow-up of the generated tickets
  • Improved customer service by shortening registration and ticket response time
  • Providing the customer an easy way to know the status of open tickets
  • Monitoring the performance of support employees in resolving assigned tickets


  • Intuitive and agile use
  • Low costs
  • Possibility of automation of external APIs for synchronization with external databases

Time to implement


First of all, a pilot phase took place in which the basic requirements were defined and the different pages were customized according to different types of users and departments, which were incorporated into the Easy Redmine environment. After approval, this was followed by an implementation in the production environment, in which the key users of the application actively participated, and given the intuitive use we were able to give the final touches of customization and implement the API for customer synchronization with our database.


We defined a detailed project structure together with all user types and parameters of the user's personal pages. Project templates have been created, which make it possible to quickly and efficiently create projects with standardized parameters and mail templates for a faster response to the customer.

Server or cloud solution?

Based on internal security requirements, the customer chose the cloud solution.


Easy Redmine experts trained key users and administrators during the implementation and other users of the application additionally in comprehensive thematic blocks.


The client used a test environment with real data, which allowed new requirements and functions to be tested before deployment to the “real” environment.

And the results?

The implementation of Easy Redmine brought:

  • Improved ticket coordination
  • Improved customer response time
  • Improved employee performance control

As the user sees it

Esther Sánchez Alonso

Support Team Manager
Informática Borsan S.L.
Easy Redmine fulfilled our expectations of how to organize tickets, emails, and calls – now we do it in an agile way! Finally, we can assign tickets to the different employees which make our work more efficient and more transparent throughout the company.

The most used functions

  1. Ticket distribution and assignment
  2. Statistical control of the ticket solution by employee and client
  3. Generation of statistical reports for management
  4. Follow-up of pending tasks assigned to me via ticket
  5. Organization of assigned work and customer feedback
  6. Easy escalation to other departments or colleagues of the incident if it is not possible to solve it myself

As the user sees it

Maria Victoria Alonso Ribagorda

Support Team Agent
Informática Borsan S.L.
It is much easier after the implementation of Easy Redmine to escalate the incidents to departments or colleagues. Overall, the ticket response time was shortened thanks to a smoother process.

Who is Informatica Borsan

INFORMATICA BORSAN S.L. develops high-level software solutions for real estate appraisal companies, appraisal/valuation of technicians, as well as appraisal and valuation applications for management companies. They offer a series of applications that facilitate the appraisal of any type of property, complying with the regulations defined by the regulator, and with the best possible technology.

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