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Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade which comes with the best plugins, features and a new mobile design. It provides more effective project management, clearer communication, a better user experience and saves you precious time. It is extensible with plugins for Resources, Agile, Finances, CRM, HelpDesk and DevOps.

On-premise solution

Upgrade Redmine on your server to increase user satisfaction and efficency in both traditional and agile management.

Cloud solution

Pick the best option for your upgrade and get the most advanced Redmine instantly in a global & secure cloud.

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Level up your game with Easy Redmine solutions

Easy Redmine

Complete, extensible and versatile Redmine upgrade. Get it for your own server or have it in cloud.

Easy Redmine Extensions

Resource Management, Agile, Finances, CRM, HelpDesk and DevOps plugins. Extend your Easy Redmine according to your needs.

Global Redmine Cloud

All the best connectivity, security and performance in one package. Get the maximum out of Redmine while saving resources.

Private Cloud & Servers

Professional Redmine deployment and hosting around the world.

Visual project tools

Turn your Redmine into an intuitive and visual tool with graphs & charts, Gantt, mind maps and other tools.

Professional Services

Save time and resources with Redmine implementation, support, data import and customized design.


We support the Redmine community with free resources

Free plugins

Level up your Redmine project management with our free Easy Gantt and Work Breakdown Structure plugins.


Install & Upgrade

Upgrade your Redmine quickly and easily with our free Easy Redmine installer.


Plugin generator

Create your very own personalized Redmine plugins with our Easy Redmine plugin generator.


Born and raised in 
open source

Easy Redmine has been developed in the Redmine community over a period of 14 years. This has been done with one particular goal in mind: to push Redmine to the next level. Our dedicated team of Easy Software engineers is constantly improving Easy Redmine to make it the top open source solution for project management.

Case studies of Easy Redmine implementations

Transporeon-Easy Redmine project management Case Study

Transporeon – effective resource management in transportation logistics


IT solution in logistics



The original solution:

few web-based apps + MS Project



TRANSPOREON Group provides 3 SaaS-based logistics platforms currently linking over 1 000 shippers, 45 000 carriers and 100 000 users in over 85 countries. Easy Redmine helps to build the efficient management of resources.

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RTL RADIOCENTER BERLIN - case study how to manage IT projects with one tool - Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine - more than project management. A complex information system!





Client since:

Spring 2014

RTL RADIOCENTER BERLIN runs some of the well-known radio stations in Germany and are a successful media marketing organization. Easy Redmine allows managing all important processes and projects in one tool.

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Redmine blog – articles, tips & news

6 minutes read
Eight Reasons Why Redmine is an Effective Project Management Tool

Redmine provides users access to the source code. Redmine opens up a whole new universe of possibilities. An issue tracker is the primary function of this application. However, management teams utilize it for a wide range of other reasons, including bug tracking and job management.

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Webinar Recording: How to Get the Most Out of Easy Redmine 12?

Easy Redmine 12 is here to push your projects to the next level. Watch our webinar recording to quickly learn how to master the best Redmine solution that boosts your project performance.

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7 minutes read
Meet the New Easy Redmine 12 (Feature Overview)

New Agile Resource Management from the top-level perspective, more intuitive and convenient forms, faster and clearer Dynamic Filters, support for modern technologies, and a modified user interface.

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