Redmine Deployment Solutions

Easy Redmine provides professional deployment & hosting across
the globe for organizations of all sizes and needs.


Redmine Cloud by Easy

Easy Redmine Cloud

10+ sites across the world for the best connectivity & performance of your Redmine.


Redmine Private Cloud

Private Cloud

10+ possible locations for your managed server in the cloud aka "private cloud".


Redmine Server deployment

Server Solutions

Professional VMware and other virtual machines for your custom Redmine deployment.



Redmine Business Solutions

Easy Redmine 11 integrates 25+ professional plugins that can cover any
business needs in any industry across the world. 



Classical project management

The best PM tools integrated into 1 software.

Resource management

Drag & drop planning with regard to real-time capacities and competencies of workers.

Agile development

SCRUM, Kanban or both. Manage your agile projects with Easy Redmine.

Finance management

Control and manage project finances with Easy Redmine 11.


Move your Sales forward with top CRM technologies.

Help Desk

Reach 1st level customer care with Easy Redmine + Help Desk.

Strategic planning

Define company's direction and nurture its knowledge using WBS, Earned value management, and Knowledge base.

Additional plugins

Foster project efficiency with DMS, Alerts, and Meeting calendar.

DevOps Plugins

New toolset of DevOps plugins integrates Requirements, Test Cases, Diagrams, Git CI and Git Lab hosting.



Free 30-day Trial

Redmine Community Solutions

Easy Redmine offers free plugins and solutions for those who
want to stay with good old Redmine. 


Free & Pro
Redmine Plugins

Get Easy Gantt, WBS or Chat for 
your Redmine right now.


Redmine Technologies

Use Easy Redmine Install Gem for
painless Redmine upgrades.


Redmine Plugin

Use Easy Redmine Plugin Generator
to create your own Redmine
Plugins in an instant.


Try Easy Redmine in a 30-day free trial

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