Redmine Installation made Easy

The purpose of this section is to provide comprehensive information on how to install Redmine on your own server, how to upgrade it and eventually how to upgrade Redmine to Easy Redmine. When installing Easy Redmine, you must comply with the Installation terms.

Redmine upgrade to Easy

This guide applies to those who have installed Redmine and want to upgrade to Easy Redmine. The same steps are also used to install updates on existing Easy Redmine. This guide instructs you how to use Redmine Installer gem in order to upgrade your Redmine.

Easy Redmine Installation from scratch

This guide will show you how to install Redmine or Easy Redmine from scratch using Redmine Installer Gem. As ever you need to have proper software and hardware/server configuration.

A prerequisite for installing is to have a Redmine or Easy Redmine package downloaded on the server. This package is available in the client zone. If you do not know your login credentials to the client zone, contact us via web chat (right bottom corner icon) or reach us on our support contacts.

Redmine Installation & Upgrade Wizard

This ruby gem provides you with an easy-to-use wizard for Redmine installations and upgrades. It is applicable (and tested) for custom installations on Linux, Windows and Unix servers.

This is not a manual for installation of Easy Redmine. That can be found here.

Installing additional plugins to Easy Redmine

Installing an additional Easy plugin to an existing Easy Redmine package is the same as installing an update - you need to install the complete package. Instructions are listed in this article.

Useful server commands

Having trouble with maintenance of your Easy Redmine environment? We have prepared a list of commands that may solve your issue.

Ruby updates

Ruby is a prerequisite to run Easy Redmine. It is a maintained and continuously updated programming language. Which means that once in a while you will need to update your Ruby in order to be able to use new versions of Easy Redmine. Updating Ruby has consequences, which is why we are presenting you some guidelines, so you don't forget about any related change in your configurations.

Installation - Redmine VMware

Complete Redmine VMware image is available for download. It is most professional and easiest way how to deploy Redmine. Provided VMware image is optimized for highest app performance. Easy Redmine VMware with same configuration is also an installation option.

Just request VMware download and then select preferred option:

  • Redmine VMware (pure installation with no extra plugins)
  • Redmine VMware with pre-installed plugins (Easy Gantt + Easy WBS in free versions)

Looking for Easy Redmine VMware?

If you already purchased Easy Redmine and are interested in this type of deployment, please write to our support. We will generate the VM with the set of plugins you have purchased.

Redmine VirtualBox

Complete Redmine VirtualBox image is available for download. Provided VirtualBox image contains complete server environment optimized for the Best Redmine performance. Easy Redmine VirtualBox with the same configuration is also an installation option.

Uninstalling plugins from Easy Redmine

How to correctly uninstall Easy plugin and prevent problems afterwards.

Bitnami Redmine (Linux) upgrade to Easy

This guide is for those who have Redmine installed on Bitnami for Linux. The guide instructs you how to upgrade your Redmine to Easy Redmine.

Bitnami Redmine (Windows) upgrade to Easy

This is a guide for those who have Redmine installed on Bitnami for Windows. The guide instructs you how to upgrade your Redmine to Easy Redmine.

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