Redmine XML & CSV data import

The Easy Redmine data importer is a very useful tool when you are about to transfer any data from your existing system or from the database.

New Easy Redmine data importer is an ultimate tool when:

  • You need to migrate/synchronize data from existing system
  • You are switching company/project management system and need to transfer all the data

Are You using MS Project, Basecamp, Asana, Clarizen or some other application? Easy Redmine Importer can handle data from every application that can export into XML or CSV format!

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Easily map imported entities from XML & CVS via drag & drop.

Easy Redmine Import XML/CSV

Key benefits of Redmine importer:

  • User-friendly solution - every user with basic IT skills can handle the import
  • Import of any existing data - basically any entity can be imported
  • Fast - ready-to-use Easy Redmine with all your imported data can be set-up in less than hour
  • Real-time synchronization - available via API
  • Supported formats - XML using URL, XML file, CSV file

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How to use Redmine importer by Easy?

  • To start import go to “More” > “Administration” > “XML data import” > “Advanced import”
  • Choose your option (XML or CSV) – name the new template and select entity type
  • Upload file or insert URL link
  • Mark off “Using for automatic” (in case you want data interval automatic synchronization)
  • Click on “Save and preview”
  • Via “drag and drop” from left to the right side of screen map entities you want to be imported
  • Click on “Import”
  • In the new window, you will see successfully imported objects

The following entities are importable:

  • Files
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Documents
  • Document categories
  • Easy Page Zone modules
  • Tasks
  • Tasks Custom Fields
  • Tasks priorities
  • Tasks statuses
  • Journal
  • Members
  • News
  • Projects
  • Project Activities
  • Project Activities Role
  • Projects custom field
  • Roles
  • Time entries
  • Time entry activities
  • Trackers
  • Users
  • Milestones

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