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Most Popular Redmine Themes

5 minutes
Jakub Ryba

The Redmine platform is a flexible and powerful tool for business and project management. One of the prime features that provide this adaptability or flexibility is the opportunity to use a Redmine theme to modify the platform’s visual aspect and enhance its functionality and usability. The following is a list of popular Redmine themes that users use today.


What makes Flatly truly stand out from the rest of Redmine's themes and why users admire it so much is its moderate colors and clear interface. Another feature of Flatly is a very useful slide-out side panel. You can open-hide it by toggling the menu in the top left corner. The only downside to this Redmine theme is that if you activate a great number of modules for your project, the top menu does not auto-fit to align with your screen.

Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine comes with 3 design themes to meet various users' needs - Default, Compact, and Dark. Every user can switch between the themes on his user's profile.

  • Default theme is designed for most users as it brings a standard light-colored graphic layout suitable for typical work, particularly in daylight or well-lit environments at night.
  • Compact theme is a light-colored theme with the layout of graphic elements much more compacted to display maximum data on one screen, thus reducing the need for scrolling.
  • Dark theme displays dark surfaces across the majority of the UI, thus helping improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain and facilitating screen use in dark environments.


This amazing free-of-cost Redmine theme comes equipped with a menu that you can hide to prevent cluttering your screen. It makes use of blue-ish standard Redmine colors; however, you have the flexibility to adjust these colors in the CSS stylesheet. MineLab has responsive grids, utilizes Bourbon for cross-browser compatibility, has cool font icons that are great to look at, and mimics the page loading animations of Gitlab.

PurpleMine 2

PurpleMine 2 is a terrific modern Redmine theme that boasts a great interface that gives all the Redmine users the experience that they deserve. Some of the features of this theme include:

  • Numerous color codes in the issue list
  • Adjusts exceedingly well to various screen configurations
  • Utilizes Font Awesome icons
  • Hideable sidebar
  • 100 percent compatible with all Redmine Backlog plugins


Coffee is an open, responsive, and freshly designed Redmine theme that has a fixed 1240 pixel width, appealing button styles, and a fixed top menu. Owing to its sleek and modern rounded edge design, there is no doubt that Coffee is a fabulous Redmine theme that gives off a very pleasant vibe. In addition, this theme clearly lays all issues right in front of you, in an easy-to-read and simple graph.

However, the most impressive feature of the Coffee Redmine theme is that it offers you the option and flexibility to color code both contacts and issues! Some of the key features of this Coffee theme include:

  • Issues are displayed in graphs that are very easy to read
  • Rounded buttons and borders
  • Fixed top menu and fixed width
  • Color-coded issue tags and contacts

All of the aforementioned Redmine themes are fully compatible with almost every device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so forth.

You can also choose between free and paid Redmine themes. Users often prefer the former as they comprise almost all the features you can possibly want. However, if you go for a paid theme, you get more customization options that you can leverage.

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