More efficient project management in IT services – GRUPO AVALON

Grupo Avalon is a Spanish company that provides its customers with IT services, mainly in the field of software. The portfolio of clients of Grupo Avalon is made up of clients of the public sector and private sector, mainly financial services.

How to manage project finance budget in effective way? Redmine real project VIDEO case study

This short video case study shows practical example on how to manage finance and budget on the project level and therefore have real-time overview about project finance balance. Get inspire and have instant overview about financal health of Your projects.

Choosing the right project management solution (an interview with CEO of Become Ltd.)

BECOME s.r.o. is a dynamic company focused on information technologies. We interviewed the company CEO, Robert Zavacký, to find out how they selected the right project management tool.

Tracking attendance with biometric readers

We have been asked (not very rarely) about this possibility - attendance in Easy Redmine can be tracked with using biometric readers.

Our valued client Gita Technologies Ltd. has prepared a brief manual on how to integrate biometric login data into Easy Redmine where all the aggregated reporting is managed.

Rails (Redmine) speedup without touching Ruby code

Our customer experienced very long response time in his Easy Redmine (RoR) application. Easy Redmine was running on customer's Debian virtual server.

Easy Software Ltd. has completed an internal "how-to" for speeding up Ruby On Rails applications just by fine-tuning individual components of Easy Redmine (RoR) production environment consisting of a web server, an application server and a database server.

Ultimate Redmine hosting solution

BANZAI is the leading Italian e-Commerce operator: in 2013, their customers placed over 1 million orders and spent more than 150 million Euro using our solution.

BANZAI MEDIA reaches 17.9 million Italians a month and 3 million every day (data from Audiweb View – Total Audience for September). It is due to their specific usage, quality content and services. They offer a unique opportunity for companies that wish to reach out to these segments. Company use Easy Redmine to manage projects, finance, resources and people.

Easy Redmine Help desk solutions - internal and external support

WORLD INNOVATION TECHNOLOGIES develop and provide mobile solutions from various SMS services to mobile payments or GPS tracking. Easy Redmine helps manage customers and their requirements.

Easy Redmine for working time reports

MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION (MC Education) is the leading e-learning solutions and services provider in Singapore. Easy Redmine helps to manage company (especially time reports) more efficiently and stay ahead of competition.

Easy Redmine for advanced deadline and budget tracking

As a leading provider of integrated solutions, AKQUINET offers a wide range of services from design and implementation to operation and maintaining complex IT solutions. SAP® Certified partner, IBM Business Partner. Company use Easy Redmine for better tracking of projects and unfinished work.

FG Forrest - Easy Redmine in web solutions company

FG Forrest is a Czech leading web design company with about 50 employees and hundreds of successfully completed projects. We implemented Easy Redmine for task & time tracking and project planning.

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