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Data migration from Jira to Easy Redmine: A comprehensive look at Istari Vision


Software Development

Date of implementation:

March 2023


Cham, Switzerland

Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:


In this comprehensive case study, we will take a look at Istari Vision's data migration from Jira Software to Easy Redmine. Learn how Istari Vision took advantage of the opportunities and improved the operational process in an effective way.

Istari Vision's mission is to support businesses and investors in unlocking the groundbreaking potential of the MultiversX blockchain. They achieve this with their fast-growing, international team in four business segments.

Istari needed to manage projects and workflow with clients in an effective and transparent way. Having experience with Jira Software and Easy Redmine from 2014, the company made a choice to migrate to the last option.

Before switching to Easy Redmine

The Customer was using Jira to manage their own (mostly agile) projects, but with regard to previous experience with Easy Redmine and significant cost reduction decided to migrate from Jira to Easy Redmine.

Our assignment and challenges

Expectations to meet:

  • Full-featured project management for higher efficiency
  • Tracking the time spent on the tasks by teams
  • Monitoring the projects and workflow
  • Make categories visible and divided
  • Activation and deactivation tasks


  • On-premises
  • Integration GitLab
  • Gantt Diagram

Time to implement

1. Preparation

Prior to production, we performed a test migration to review the expected results. It helped us to mutually understand what has to be done in terms of system configuration and customization and also the data mapping.

2. Settings

One of the migration benefits was a system clean-up and better standardization. This way we managed to get rid of redundant task statuses, task types etc. and streamline our workflow. We also had enough time to prepare dashboards, filters, finetune roles and permissions and customize the user profiles before the actual production data migration.

3. Training

As the customer had previous experience with Easy Redmine solution, extensive training was not necessary. Our consultants only helped them to solve particular issues or challenges.

And the results?

The implementation of Easy Redmine brought:

  • Improved employee performance control
  • Improved customer communication and response time
  • Improved effectiveness in managing the tasks
  • Improved documentation managing

Sabrina Dürr

Chief Operating Officer
Istari Vision UG

Due to the individual customizability, as well as the native different options to access certain information, data, and status updates, we were able to coordinate our team, which is spread over 7 countries in 5 departments, in such a way that processes are not only more efficient and reliably adhered to, but also the documentation of the results, the overview for the supervisor, as well as the rest of the team, arise all by themselves. The change to Easy Redmine has already saved us a lot of time and money, and has opened up new possibilities for collaboration.

The most used functions

template for development projects and operational tasks

customizable dashboard for tracking results

automatically created milestones

road map for managing the projects

Who is Istari Vision 

Istari Vision is your service provider for projects on the MultiversX blockchain and secure EGLD staking. Istari Vision's mission is to support businesses and investors in unlocking the groundbreaking potential of the MultiversX blockchain. They achieve this with a fast-growing, international team in four business segments. 

Istari Vision helps everyone recognize the advantages of blockchain and especially the outstanding possibilities offered by the MultiversX network, they offer the Istari Vision Academy as a free source of information for all questions about blockchain, crypto, and of course MultiversX. In addition to the content they produce in the form of videos, podcasts, tutorials, blog posts, and much more, they are personally available to their community for advice and support.

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