Choosing the right project management solution (an interview with CEO of Become Ltd.)


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The original solution:

few start-up apps



BECOME s.r.o. is a dynamic company focused on information technologies. We interviewed the company CEO, Robert Zavacký, to find out how they selected the right project management tool.

What circumstances lead you to consider project management software in general?

When I joined the company as a CEO, the company used several standalone tools to manage projects, however, they did not work well together. Therefore, I started to look for one single software tool that would manage all our projects.

What were the originally used project management tools?

Mostly new software and apps made by start-up companies. But none of them covered all our needs as a complex system. Actually, we started to use complex tools but we did not find them user-friendly.

How did you select the right application?

We made a fairly comprehensive research of what is available on the market and shortlisted 8 software solutions. In the end, we decided for Easy Redmime.

What convinced you to purchase Easy Redmine?

It was definitely the price-quality ratio. We wanted a tool that would meet all our requirements but we did not want to overpay.
We wanted quality for a reasonable price. The main requirement was the complexity and functionality of the solution.Easy Redmine meets it all and the nice & user-friendly interface just simplified our decision making.

Who was the decision maker?

I was the initiator of process and the final decision was made by the business owners.

What is the biggest benefit of using Easy Redmine?

The biggest benefit for our company is the interaction of individual modules. The coherence of modules enables us to respond more flexibly to changing conditions, especially in the "turbulent" environment of our mobility division. Thanks to Easy Redmine we can now edit various values according to the requirements of the project agile development. Now we know who is working on what, how long it takes, why something is overdue, where we have free capacity of people and vice versa. We directly obtain relevant data with good predicative ability which streamlines our projects.

What other features of the software have made you more effective?

Many of them. For example, all project documents are located in one place and everyone knows where to find necessary stuff. To sum up, we have now better overview, control and evaluation of all projects.

Is there anything you're not satisfied with? What should we improve in the future?

In the beginning, we had a little trouble understanding why some process are set up as they are. But it was due to the initial lack of knowledge of the entire software. Later, we found out that modules and their interconnections are built very logically - by someone with experience in project management, by people who know what they are doing. Easy Redmine Support department helped us understand the functioning of the app so we quickly gained control of the app.

Would you like to add anything?

Generally, we are very satisfied with the functionality of Easy Redmine - the software fulfilled our expectations. However, we are missing better mobile compatibility. There is definitely space for improvement.

The new version of the mobile application will be released in a few weeks. We believe that it will fulfill all your expectations.

Thank you for the interview and for your feedback.

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