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LLC EXITON - Easy Redmine solution for project, resource and financial management


energy engineering



Current applications:


Implementation in:


LLC EXITON is a leading energy engineering company in the Nizhny Novgorod region that has been developing and implemented complex automated systems for more than 12 years.


The client required an on-premises application for complex project and financial management. Because of the frequent budget overruns, the most desired features were tracking of employees' costs, payroll sheets and a base for financial analysis.

The system was supposed to improve the following business processes:

  1. Project management – planning, task tracking, entering time spent, Gantt charts, reports
  2. Financial management – project budget planing and real costs tracking, payrolls for accountants
  3. Risk management


Exiton have been using Easy Redmine since autumn 2013. Easy Redmine was chosen, because it is a Redmine based application, which the client was accustomed to, and it supplies all basic Redmine features + advanced features that were required (Budgets, Payrolls, Alerts). One more reason for Easy Redmine was its user friendly interface. Accountants and sales managers found the standard Redmine interface too complicated.

Now Easy Redmine is used as a unified system for the whole organization - engineers, project managers, sales managers and accountants. After one year in operation, Easy Redmine helped solve the problem with budget overruns and in cases where it did not solve the problem completely, project managers are always warned in advance thanks to the Alerts plugin to minimize possible damages.

In practice, Exiton use:

  1. Planning using the Quick Planner tables
  2. Project realization - task timer for entering time spent, advanced custom fields + contacts = tasks are used as CRM cases, e-mail notifications about tasks and milestones over due date, budget overruns, tasks where time spent exceeds the estimated time, etc.
  3. Financial management – Budget planning and costs tracking, planned and real costs comparison using the Project budgets plugin. The system also supplies a base for financial analysis using filters, table settings and CSV exports to MS Excel, payrolls for salary calculation and maintenance invoicing.

Plugins used:

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