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ESONIC – Easy Redmine synchronization with existing enterprise systems (Flexibee ABRA, ISO)


industry automatization

Date of implementation:

2014, 2015


Prague, Czech Republic

Original solution:

self-made IS = ISO, accounting software ABRA Flexibee

ESONIC Inc. focuses on industrial automation of technological processes and production units. The company was looking for a complex solution for internal and external projects that would streamline their productivity.

Original condition

At the beginning, several standalone tools, including a self-made piece of software were used, however the company did not find it sufficient any more. Most importantly, the self-made software was not working well with ABRA Flexibee accounting software. The company management lacked a complex solution that would streamline the company processes.


The main requirement was to connect all software tools together and make them work as one system.

Other requirements:

  • On-premise installation
  • Customer Help desk
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Using printouts
  • Integration of Easy Redmine with the existing systems


Easy Redmine allows us to connect it to any system which is able to communicate using an interface. If the connection takes place for the first time, it is necessary to create a standardized procedure. Such a procedure then serves as a set of “best practices” when implementing the same software in the future. That was also the case of ABRA Flexibee accounting system.

The communication between software tools is based on an XML file and a REST API interface which provides a real-time synchronization.

Easy Redmine-Integration via REST API with ABRA Flexibee-ESONIC

Easy Redmine has a complex programming interface and can be easily connected to any system that is able to communicate via a REST API. The following operations are possible: reading, creating, editing, deleting. Documentation of Easy Swagger (Easy Redmine API) is here.

The program interface allows operations with the following entities:

  • tasks
  • projects
  • project templates
  • time entries
  • users
  • user group
  • project costs and revenues (planned and real)
  • attendance
  • contacts
  • business cases (CRM)

After Easy Redmine has been implemented

Thanks to the interconnection of several software tools, ESONIC are now able to monitor all financial transactions that go through the Flexibee system and see the “financial status” in their ISO software. It also works the other way round - the project status can be displayed in Flexibee.

The integration of Easy Redmine using a REST API allows us to have valuable information in all systems and in real time. This solution has thus brought significant time savings to the company.

Used Plugins

Installation of the others plugins was also smooth.

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