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JSC OmskElectro is a statewide electric power provider who overlooks regional electric network and respective services in the whole region of Omsk. Easy Redmine helps improve their business - constantly.


The client required an on-premises application for complex project management and client requirements processing

The system should have improved the following business processes:

  1. Project management – task tracking, gantt charts, planning
  2. Clients' portal for request registration


OmskElectro has been working with Easy Redmine since winter 2013. Easy Redmine was chosen because of the user friendly interface, and convenient planning and reporting tools. But the main reason was the system reliability and provided support service.

Easy Redmine is used as a standard project management tool for planning, project realization and reporting. For efficiency improvement, Alerts plugin was implemented. It notifies users of the nearing task deadlines and managers about tasks over due dates.

However, the most urgent request was a Clients' portal creation. This solution should let clients log into the system and make a request. Easy Redmine must be able to recognize the request type and send that request to a respective manager. This problem was solved using the "Main Page" template settings & "Custom fields" settings.

The client's main page consists of 2 tabs (pages).The first tab includes a new task module with different custom fields for request type classification. Here, the clients create their request and fill all the required fields. This request is then saved as a task and falls into a respective filter. Every manager is responsible for a certain type of service. For each of them, a task filter was created, depending on custom field combinations. When a new task appears in the filter, the system sends a notification via the Alerts plugin (including a link to the new task) to a responsible manager and he then assigns the task to himself and starts working with it.

On the second tab, the client sees all his request in 2 filters: the first one displays the currently processed requests (Tasks filter: Status – Open, Author - me) and the second filter displays solved requests (Tasks filter: Status - closed, Author – me)

Plugins used:

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