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Transporeon – effective resource management in transportation logistics


IT solution in logistics



The original solution:

few web-based apps + MS Project



TRANSPOREON Group provides 3 SaaS-based logistics platforms currently linking over 1 000 shippers, 45 000 carriers and 100 000 users in over 85 countries. Easy Redmine helps to build the efficient management of resources.

We interviewed Paul Lendrates, infrastructure software manager, about implementation of project management solution in their company – Transporeon.

What circumstances lead you to consider project management software in general?

"We did not have any company project department in company. As complexity of our project grew up, we recognized that we need a sophisticated tool to drive our work in more effective wayWe had been searching the best, easiest and cost effective solution over a year. At the beginning we agreed that it should be web-based application, because we wanted the app that is easy to use and that also have easy maintenance of its infrastructure."


What convinced you to purchase Easy Redmine?

„Me and some of my colleagues had previous experience with Redmine from projects outside the company. That is why we chose Redmine open source and started to use it in our company. But we were not satisfied with just basic functionality and started to look for plugins to basic Redmine with more sophisticated functionality. Plugin Resource Management made by Easy fulfilled our expectations and requirements.


Did you also consider another solutions?

"We were searching through many applications. But we found out, that most of web based applications have limited functionality and are not detailed enough. On the other hand, tools with full functionality were overpriced. Then we found Easy Redmine solution that meet all our requirements."


Could You quantify specific improvement or benefit from using project management tool?

"This is hard to measure. We have hundreds of separated projects a year in the company that are very different. But definitely I can say that our projects are more transparent.  We are not able to quantify exact numbers, but I can honestly say that Easy Redmine has significantly improved our project management."


Thank you for the interview and for your feedback.

Used Plugins

Paul Lendrates testifies to Easy Redmine

Paul Lendrates

Project Manager

"Easy Redmine helps us a lot. We can utilize our employees with Resource Management plugin very well and we have also bought other plugins which we use for tracking of project costs and incomes."

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