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Casos prácticos de implementación Redmine


IT services

Standardization of the Project Management Work – Ayesa Advanced Technologies

AYESA is an international Spanish company, dedicated to engineering, technology, and IT Consulting. Previously to have Easy Redmine, Ayesa was using several tools without any integration (MS Project, Jira, MS Excel, and other internal tools). High-level time tracking and cost plan were managed in SAP BPC. The wide range of tools available generates a problem to have a common and clear picture of the project's status.

More efficient project management in IT services – GRUPO AVALON

IT services

More efficient project management in IT services – GRUPO AVALON

Grupo Avalon is a Spanish company that provides its customers with IT services, mainly in the field of software. The portfolio of clients of Grupo Avalon is made up of clients of the public sector and private sector, mainly financial services.

Easy Redmine helps to manage non-profit organization ELEKTROWIN more transparently-case study

non-profit organization

casElektrowin - Easy Redmine helps to manage non-profit organization transparently

Elektrowin is a non-profit organization that specializes in collecting electronic waste. Easy Redmine is used for transparent management of the organization.

How to maintenance customers with project managment system - Case study about Easy Redmine

electric power industry

JSC OmskElectro - Redmine solution for clients' maintenance

JSC OmskElectro is a statewide electric power provider who overlooks regional electric network and respective services in the whole region of Omsk. Easy Redmine helps improve their business - constantly.

BOHEMIA ENERGY - help desk integration

energy industry

BOHEMIA ENERGY - help desk integration

Bohemia Energy is the second biggest supplier of energy in the Czech Republic. The company gained over 500,000 customers by December 31st, 2013. Easy Redmine is used for tracking employees' requirements.

Ceska Televize logo-Easy Redmine client interview

on-line department of TV channel

Czech Television - From Redmine to Easy Redmine Project Management (interview)

“Česká televize” is a Czech’s national TV channel with more than 60 years of history, making it the oldest streaming TV channel in the country. Department of New Media has quickly grown in the last years and original software solutions for project management began to seem insufficient.

RTL RADIOCENTER BERLIN - case study how to manage IT projects with one tool - Easy Redmine


Easy Redmine - more than project management. A complex information system!

RTL RADIOCENTER BERLIN run some of the well known radio stations in Germany and are a successful media marketing organization. Easy Redmine allows to manage all important processes and projects in one tool.

Minkenberg Medien Gm-Interview with CEO about implementation of project management Easy Redmine

advertising agency

Managing client projects in advertising agency Minkenberg Medien

Advertising agency Minkenberg Medien is focused mainly on projects in digital environment where clients' requirements can change very quickly. We interviewed the company CEO, Elmar Branch, about choosing the right project management solution for the company.

Transporeon-Easy Redmine project management Case Study

IT solution in logistics

Transporeon – effective resource management in transportation logistics

TRANSPOREON Group provides 3 SaaS based logistics platforms currently link over 1 000 shippers, 45 000 carriers and 100 000 users in over 85 countries. Easy Redmine helps to build the efficient management of resources.

Keratech - case study about how to manage customers, contacts, contracts - Easy Redmine plugin


KERATECH - managing of contracts in engineering

Keratech is a modern company from the Czech Republic which has their own manufacturing business, focusing on producing fireproof materials. Easy Redmine is used for tracking customer contracts and contact management.

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