Case Study - Oxford Instruments NanoScience


Nanotechnology Research

Date of implementation:

October 2019 


Abingdon, United Kingdon 

Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

Project Management, Engineering, Sales, Service, Commercial, Supply Chain 

In this case study we provided the history of how In October 2019, Oxford Instruments NanoScience embraced transformation, replacing an outdated system with Easy Redmine. With 200 users across diverse departments, the challenges included an unsupported legacy system. 

Before switching to Easy Redmine

Previously to have Easy Redmine, Oxford Instruments NanoScience was using Redmine – the open-source software. Internal IT was unable to patch or support this solution and has requested an alternative or a supported solution. Easy Redmine emerged as the solution, offering an intuitive interface, customizable dashboards, and robust notifications. The phased implementation, including rigorous testing, ensured a seamless transition. Opting for a private cloud upheld stringent security standards.

Our assignment and challenges

Expectations to meet:

  • Be able to manage and perform as per the previous system
  • Version updates and support


  • Redmine version updated and upgraded to Easy Redmine
  • Configuration of the application according to the implementation protocol
  • Custom branding
  • Version updates and support

Phases of implementation:

1. Analysis and requirements specification

Based on our internal security security standards and protocols we chose a private cloud solution.

2. Test Environment Build

We are using a test environment with real data, which allows new requirements and functions to be tested before deployment to the production environment.

  • Redmine version updated and upgraded to Easy Redmine
  • Migration of data 
  • Configuration of the application
  • Testing

3. Production Environment Build – a copy of the TEST environment

  • Final data migration
  • Final Testing

4. Application handover

Users and administrators participated in onboarding with education materials and consulting support.


  • User settings
  • Roles and permissions settings
  • Task settings – task type, workflow and statuses, custom fields
  • Configuration of the project portfolio and general settings per project
  • Project custom fields

The implementation of Easy Redmine brought:

  • Easy collaboration and sharing, flow of real-time information
  • Improved visibility and accountability
  • Project meeting effectiveness

The most used features:

  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Kanban
  • Easy Gantt
  • Dashboards
  • Help Desk
  • Alerts

Tim Fowler

Finance Director
Oxford Instruments NanoScience

Prior to the implementation protocol signature we conducted an audit in relation to Easy Software Ltd. - Easy Redmine software & services. The objective of the audit was to gain insight into the Quality Management practices, organisation and experience of Easy Software and to validate the security standards and protocol for private cloud solution. The results of the audit fully complied with our requirements. We have never experienced a system interruption in the five years that we have used the services of Easy Software.

Easy Redmine offers a wide range of functionalities that significatly improve tasks allocation, tracking, communication, sharing and collaboration, flow of real-time information and project meeting effectiveness.

The Easy Software implementation and support team was a pleasure to work with, due to their proven project implementation skills and a willingness to deliver uncompromising results.

The most used functions

template for development projects and operational tasks

customizable dashboard for tracking results

automatically created milestones

road map for managing the projects

Who is Oxford Instruments NanoScience?

Oxford Instruments NanoScience is a technology company that designs, supply, and support market high-performance cryogenic and cryogen-free environments for ultra-low temperature and high magnetic field applications in physics, chemistry, and materials science research down to the atomic scale. 

The company was founded in 1959 as the first commercial spin-out from Oxford University, providing technological innovation for over 60 years now.

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