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Easy Redmine is an open-source solution supported by the German government, and it was implemented into one part of ITZ Bund for project management. Read the story to learn about the requirements that needed to be fulfilled and how our German partner implemented it.

The solution recommended by the German federal government

Easy Redmine has been supporting several governments and the story of the central IT service provider of the German federal government has been a big project for Easy Software since 2020.

Informationstechnikzentrum Bund (ITZBund for short) has existed since 2016 after merging three independent federal administration IT service providers. Implementing Easy Redmine to support one of these organizations would be a huge task, so the complexity of such implementation after the merger is obvious.

Let alone the level or requirements that needed to be fulfilled, to support a public entity of such a scale. A true challenge to test all limits of Easy Redmine, inside and outside of the software itself.


Staying organized, effective, and efficient 

The federal entity currently has over 3,700 employees with over 1,000,000 individuals using solutions offered and serviced by ITZBund, according to the official publication. Over 100,000 IT workplaces being serviced through 750 IT solutions is no easy task, especially with the German IT consolidation project, scheduled to be running until 2025.

They need to stay organized, effective, and efficient. Hundreds of thousands of people from different teams and backgrounds use different processes and workflows that need to be brought together through a flexible solution only open-source software can provide.

Supporting the European open-source initiative

That is one of the reasons why the German government supports the European initiative, which aims to spread and grow the utilization of open-source solutions across governments and public organizations, officially approved by the European Commission on October 21st, 2020.

Read the official strategy that was released along with the approval to understand the direction of IT solutions across Europe for the foreseeable future.

Many public organizations are in the process of replacing project management software that does not support this initiative right now, which applies to ITZBund as well. The strong message from ITZBund not only proves the importance of the European mission but also highly motivates future Easy Redmine development to support the German government long-term.

Due to very strict requirements and data sensitivity, working with a Prague-based vendor proves to be beneficial thanks to our ability to dynamically work with the product and the licensing structure.

Cooperation with our German partner 

We cooperate with business partners on large projects, such as the rollout of Easy Redmine across ITZBund and other government institutions. This particular implementation is being spearheaded by one of our partners Cloudogu GmbH.

Despite the strength of Easy Redmine itself, we are well aware this project could not have been delivered without them and we strongly encourage everyone interested to read Cloudogu’s success story regarding ITZBund.


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