A smart way to organise business processes

Consolidate processes across all your teams with our unified management tool.

Unified processes

All business processes are unified under one software.

Transparent accountability

Clear proces accountability assignments and oversight at all times.

Effective resource allocation

Better backlog understanding and more effective resource allocation.

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Key features & capabilities

Use Easy Redmine for your Process Management

Using a professional tool for organising business processes makes a big difference. Easy Redmine allows a clear delegation of accountability for the process as well as process analytics. These advantages are especially valuable for mid-sized companies that are looking to optimise their processes to the world-class level.

Key features for optimizing your processes

  • Statuses:  A step in the process can only have one status at a time, explaining exactly where the process is.
  • Assignee: Every step always have a clear assignee who is responsible for the taking a next step in the process. The assignee can also be a team.
  • Workflow: Full control over transitions to the next status thanks to customizable workflows.
  • Dashboards: Custom dashboards with key metrics for chosen processes which include important metrics.
  • Knowledge Base: Connect knowledge describing the process directly to the process and make them easy to find by anyone.

Create operations from projects

Recycle unique project that won't change anymore. Start complex operations quickly from a project template. Thanks to the Easy Redmine you can create project templates easily as well as sub-projects instead of just a task.

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