Break down the information silos to serve customers better

Connect your teams within a centralised system to foster genuine collaboration and deliver unified and well-informed customer experience.

Instant status updates

Support teams are always informed about development progress and can provide instant updates to customers.

Customer-Centric Insights

Assign each ticket to a specific customer for service cost insights and easy reporting on service contracts.

Efficient service delivery

True collaboration across all teams makes time & material services easy to deliver.

Data-Driven Decisions

Enable teams to access CRM data, share segmentation, and make informed decisions.

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Key capabilities

Unified ecosystem

The help-desk module is the native part of the Easy Redmine management platform. Tickets and tasks are then the same thing just handled differently and using specific features which can be combined.

Breaking the silos

Typically, a ticket analyzed by a customer service operator needs just one click to become a bug report and hit the right backlog in your development team. Including customer communication, pictures and other assets collected in support sessions. Furthermore, the support team still has an insight into the development progress control of the SLA as having all information instantly available.

Enables successful customer journey

Another typical silo is CRM and a second Help Desk system. Teams share the mission but frequently not the insight. Imagine that your support team can simply prioritize tickets by segmentation which is shared with Sales as it comes from CRM. Imagine that sales representatives have instant information about issues of their customers and become valid partners in the customer journey. They benefit too, making sales calls according to the sentiment of the client. Imagine that CRM simply shows you projects and tickets of specific customers.

Effective cross-team collaboration

A very common use case is wide cooperation on custom development and following support when various specialists of different natures contribute to issue resolution while logging time on different tasks and even projects. Still, the Customer connects it all and making time for material reports and bills is a matter of a few clicks.

Manage your inbound, prioritize and measure operations

Easy Redmine is flexible in a way how to organize your inbound, queues and priorities. It allows for having dedicated support projects for Key customers automatically prioritized based on domains or other attributes, managing internal or contractual SLAs. All are easily organized on flexible dashboards. Something goes wrong? Alerts and the Easy Redmine warning system will let you know.

Integrated channels

E-mail integration and customer zone as main channels

Configurable dashboards

Configurable dashboards to see operational status, KPIs and results

Chat integration

In-app chat integration is fully supported

Better control

Control pre-paid hours contracts

SLA setup

SLA definition – individual SLA setup and internal SLAs

Quick ticket handle

Easy button to quick handling tickets across queues, teams and persons

Collect data

Collecting spent time across whole company for time material contracts


Auto-configuration through customer identification

Warning system

Fully integrated and configurable warning system

Managing IT Assets and or any other evidence

Access and Configuration management (ACM) is now available as a native module of Easy Redmine. This flexible tool is designed to make basically any evidence and let this evidence deeply interact with Tickets/Tasks, Users, Projects or even CRM data. Typically, tickets for the internal help desk work directly with Asset evidence same as users do, so users see what assets they use and for what asset they need support.

  • Complete asset evidence providing every piece of the physical asset from buildings to furniture or hardware
  • Managing company servers and personal computers as demonstrated on our trial demo data
  • Managing other company devices such as network components, printers or production machinery
  • Managing software packages and licenses assigned to users and computers
  • Corporate carpool management including the process of regular maintenance

  • Complex program management based on project-related program goals
  • Designer of custom tables and solutions that work smoothly with native attributes and even custom fields in the system
  • Managing real assets for delivery custom built products to clients and customers
  • Includes standard system features such as filters, dashboards, alerts
  • Data import option available as well as an integration with other systems via API

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