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The purpose of this on-going service is to back you up while using Easy Redmine. All our clients use the Basic Support Plan or can get higher level of service with the Priority Support plan. For specific support requirements, we can arrange individual support level and conditions.

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Meet our support team:

Ing. Robert Kováčik

Head of Support
Robert is the head of support team at Easy Software. He has been with the company since its early stages, he knows every inch of our software. Roberts daily duties include client support, as well as quality and release management. Outside of work, Robert is a member of Mensa Czech Republic and a skiing and mountain enthusiast.

Dominika Petzova

Senior Help Desk Specialist
Dominika is one of our most experienced Help Desk technicians, with over 6 years experience in a support position. Besides tickets processing, Dominika continuously updates our changelog and has weekly meetings with debugging team to ensure swift bug fixing process. She prefers to spend her free time painting and playing video games.

Vendula Kreuzová

Help Desk Specialist & Application Tester
Vendula is a computer systems expert and works as Help Desk specialist with detailed knowledge of WBS and Gantt Chart modules. Besides resolving client requests via Help Desk, Zopim and Intercom, she also specializes in testing and ensuring that users receive a bug-free software. Vendula prefers to spend her free time travelling and reading books.

Ing. Boris Vyparina

Help Desk Specialist
Boris is our Help Desk Specialist with extra attention to customer satisfaction. He has experience in various positions, including sales, but believes that he has finally found himself as a dedicated member of customer care team. His free time Boris spends being active and he loves all kinds of sports.

Veronika Harrison

Help desk specialist
Veronika is our customer care specialist. She enjoys helping our customers to find the solutions to their issues so that they can get the most out of our applications. Before she joined our team, she was working in sales and marketing. To travel to work she uses her bike or a train. She spends her free time with her two dogs and boyfriend. She never stops working on her personal growth and she strives to learn something new every day.

Vladimír Švarc

Help desk specialist
Vladimir is an experienced support technician, he takes care of client tickets and chats via Zopim, Intercom and Livechat and in addition to English, can also assist you in Spanish. Besides being a devoted member of Help Desk team, Vladimir is interested in books and video games.

Pavel Rosický

RoR developer
Pavel is a Ruby On Rail developer with extensive experience in debugging and fulfilling our clients custom requests. He is a big coffee enthusiast and loves backpacking in his free time.

Dominik Pralovski

RoR developer
Dominik works as a developer, mostly taking care of Ruby back-end. He is responsible for debugging and repairing codes, based on evaluation reports to coding fixes. Dominik has been with Easy since 2015 so he knows all the ins and outs of our product. He is fluent in English & Czech and has a thirst for solving mysteries.

Basic support plan

  • Free of charge
  • 24/7 support for cloud outage reports
  • Support requests must be submitted through the client zone, or by email to
  • Tickets are prioritized according to the severity level (definition of severities is below)
  • Response time is in our best effort; our team is committed to suggest a final solution within 24 business hours
  • We use the rule of 3 replies on one ticket. If the issue is not solved, we will try calling the submitter for clarifications

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Priority support plan

  • Paid service
  • 24/7 support for cloud outage reports
  • Support requests may be submitted through the client zone, email or by phone to our international contact numbers and Skype
  • Fast queue - tickets are handled with priority over basic support plan. Severities are still taken into consideration
  • No ticket ping-pong - If the issue is not resolved by the first reply, we will try calling the submitter for additional information
  • Our team is committed to resolve all tickets within the next business day
  • We use various remote collaboration tools for a quicker resolution of your issues


Get Professional Redmine Support

Individual support plans

General information about support

Before submitting a ticket, please check our Knowledge base. Standard ticket submissions are via client zone and email. If you have paid priority support plan, you can also contact us by phone. When requesting support by phone, you will be asked for your contact information: name, company, direct phone, email. Without this information, we are not able to communicate the progress of your request.

To get the best response from our operators your report should contain technical data (production log, environment specifications, version of Easy Redmine, etc.), error messages and system information. Following the online submission with a phone call - referring to the ticket ID - can reduce response time as well as potential errors in the processing of information.

We recommend that you follow any Severity 1 and 2 online support ticket submissions with a phone call to Prague Development Centre.

Official support languages are English, French, German and Czech. If we receive tickets in another language, we use a web translator to understand the nature of the issue, but sometimes that is not enough. In case of other languages, we reply in English.

A bug report is accepted as legitimate, if:

If the report is not validated in simulation tests, the bug may have been caused not by the application, but an external factor.

Easy Redmine Support Services uses the following definitions to classify issues:

  • Severity 1 (urgent)
    A problem that severely impacts your use of the software in a production environment (such as loss of production data or complete malfunction of production system). The situation prevents you from using the software and there is no procedural workaround available.
    Easy Cloud hotline* to report outages: +420 312 313 671
    (*only cloud users, only unavailable applications, no user support)

  • Severity 2 (high)
    A problem where the software is functioning but software's functions in a production environment are severely reduced. The situation has a high impact on parts of your business operations and there is no procedural workaround available.

  • Severity 3 (normal)
    A problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the software in a production environment. There is a medium-to-low impact on your business, but your business continues to function, with or without a procedural workaround.

  • Severity 4 (low)
    A question regarding the general usage, reporting of a documentation error, or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification. For production environments, there is a low-to-no impact on your business and the performance or functionality of your system. Your business continues to function, with or without a procedural workaround.


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Server support

Every server configuration is specific, even if we provide the initial virtual machine with pre-installed application - it always must run on client's environment, which is beyond our control. That is why we have limited possibilities to provide support for incidents that are caused by the environment surrounding the application. We still expend our best effort to help you, regardless of the origin of the cause.

What is considered "server support"?

  • Assistance with installation, upgrading or migrating data
  • Assistance with deployment or launch of virtual machine
  • Assistance with environment configuration (before, during, or after installation or deploy of the application)
  • Assistance for services (such as cron jobs), components (such as disk), processes, web servers, application servers, database
  • Assistance with email configuration
  • Trainings for any of the above
  • Investigation of local application failures

How is server support provided?

  • Access to client's server for our technicians is an undeniable necessity
  • The remote session is planned in advance for a specific time
  • Postponement from client's side less than 24 hours before scheduled is sanctioned
  • After each session, hours of the technician are billed

How are server support hours billed?

  • Client prepays server support credit (minimum 1 man-day)
  • After every session, hours spent by technicians are deducted from the credit
  • Billable (deductible) hours are confirmed by client
  • Spent and remaining hours are rounded to 10min
  • If remaining credit is less than estimated time for a new session, client must "recharge" the credit before the session
  • Server support credit is not a part of implementation or user support packages, it is billed separately
  • Postponement of agreed date from client's side less than 24 hours before scheduled is sanctioned by 2 hours from the server support credit, even if no work was done!

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