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Over 300,000+ teams rely on Easy Redmine to manage projects

Jira Atlassian is ending Server support by 2024

And is changing its prices for all plans, so it may be the right time to analyze future challenges. What does this mean to me?

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Need to find a new on-premises

Jira will no longer support Server installations. No updates, bug fixes, or security patches from Atlassian.

Need of data migration to Server

Jira warns about data migration from 9 months and longer. The need of looking for a new server and migrating from Jira to a new project management tool can be a daunting task for many organizations.

Need to replace the whole stack

Many Atlassian customers need to replace not only Jira but also Confluence, Service Desk, and BitBucket. This can make their search for alternatives overwhelming. 

Need to calculate a new the cost

Atlassian decided to leave its clients with two options: go cloud or pay more for extensive tiers started from 500 users in Jira Datacenter. 

Easy Redmine vs. Jira: 7 reasons to make the switch

Pay less
Simple migration
Full stack

Always On-Premises

Unlike other vendors, we’ll always give you the option to choose between on-premises and cloud solutions. And by on-premises, we mean a perpetual license for your server usage, and you are in absolute control of your data.

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Pay for your users, and not for extensive tiers

Is the Atlassian Data Center license too expensive for you? Of course, it is! Pay less for your users and lower your total costs. The Easy Redmine pricing is designed to be clear and understandable, with no hidden costs.

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Simple and fast migration in three steps

Professional Easy Software Consultants provide personalized assistance to organizations during their migration from Jira to Easy Redmine. Use our Advanced Jira/Confluence Migration Tool for an even better experience!

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Your full Atlassian stack under one vendor

Easy Redmine offers a complete stack replacement:

  • Jira to Easy Redmine (all plans)
  • Confluence to Easy Redmine KB 2.0 (module)
  • Service Desk to Easy Redmine Help Desk (module)
  • BitBucket to Easy Redmine GitLab (integration)

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True Agile

Easy Redmine offers true Agile frameworks such as Agile Resource Management, Advanced SCRUM/Kanban, and a business management platform with features such as WBS, Gantt chart, Resource Management, or Service Desk. All with one centralized support and service.

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Security updates

Easy Redmine 12 architecture is built on Ruby 3, which is faster than its predecessor, the new Vite.js and Vue3. Its server solution offers the flexibility to host the software behind any security policy, providing complete control over the data.

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More native functions and fresh visuals

Jira’s interface is getting tiresome? 

Spend your work hours in nicer surroundings! Inter is the font carefully crafted & designed for computer screens. Enjoy better visibility and less screen fatigue with our refreshed user interface!

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Budgeting for success: Jira vs. Easy Redmine price showdown

Price for 150 users

Jira Software + Confluence + BitBucket:

  • 252.600 EUR after three years.

Easy Redmine + Knowledge base 2.0 + GitLab:

  • 55.775 EUR after three years.

Total: 77.92% saved budget with Easy Redmine!

Price for 350 users
Price for 550 users
Price for 750 users

Jira vs. Easy Redmine – full comparison!

Discover the power of Easy Redmine alternative with full-stack under one vendor, our experts summarized the pros and cons in four files:

Price comparison
Jira Confluence vs Knowledge Base 2.0
Jira Bitbucket vs GitLab
Service Desk vs Help Desk

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Case studies of Jira data migration

Data migration from Jira to Easy Redmine: Case study of Aspecta

Date of implementation:

December 2022 – May 2023


Slovakia, Bratislava



Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

Cloud team

This case study delves into the pivotal challenges faced by Aspecta, the objectives outlined in their tender documentation, and the ultimate shift to Easy Redmine.

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Case Study - Oxford Instruments NanoScience


Nanotechnology Research

Date of implementation:

October 2019 


Abingdon, United Kingdon 

Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

Business Systems Support Team, Engineering, Sales, Service, Commercial, Supply Chain 

In this case study we provided the history of how In October 2019, Oxford Instruments NanoScience embraced transformation, replacing an outdated system with Easy Redmine. With 200 users across diverse departments, the challenges included an unsupported legacy system. 

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Maybe you ask - will you also end the server in the future?

“No, server delivery is a key aspect of Easy Software's business strategy. We are convinced about the future of server installations and open source.” 

  • Always On-Premises
  • Clear Pricing
  • Assisted Migration
  • One Vendor for the Whole Stack

Easy Redmine results

Our users reported a significant upgrade in overall productivity. Just several months after using Easy Redmine on a daily basis.

+ 56%

Higher efficiency

+ 75%

Improved teamwork

+ 32%

Time savings

+ 81%

Increased productivity

+ 57%

Resource savings

Jira Server's end of life – What are your options?

Our experts summarized 22+ hours of research into a 30-minute session to provide you with:

  • Jira Server ends policy
  • The options you have and steps you need to do
  • The context you should know
  • Pros and cons of each option provided

We commit to

"We are convinced about the future of on-premises and open source, we believe that organizations have the right to choose. Our mission is to offer a free-risk, best alternative for all organizations that need their data to stay home.”

Filip Morávek, CEO

Redmine blog – articles, tips & news

5 minutes read
Jira configuration – how it can impact your work

If you use JIRA you know that configuring a ticketing system is quite a challenge. Learn about how it affects your work and your company and discover alternatives that save your time and nerves.

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6 minutes read
Jira server alternatives: What to do?

As of February 2024, Jira will probably no longer support Server installations. It's also been said that licenses will be changed into yearly plans only and monthly subscriptions will no longer be available. This means that users who have installed Jira on their own Servers will no longer receive updates, bug fixes, or security patches from Atlassian, the company behind Jira.

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4 minutes read
Jira Server ends undefined: What options do you have?

Atlassian is a market leader in the project management software industry, with a wide range of popular tools that are used by millions of people around the world. As a market leader, Atlassian has a strong position in the market and can often dictate the direction that its products take. This can include making changes to its tools that are unpopular with some users, such as moving from a Server model to a cloud-based model.

While moving to a cloud-based model can bring many benefits, it can also be disruptive for organizations that are used to the Server model. This can be especially true not only for larger organizations that have significant investments in on-premises infrastructure and processes but also for anyone with a smaller user base.

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