The right channel for work-related communication

Escape chat overload: Organise your work with a purpose-built project management tool.

Strategic work planning

Utilise Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Mind Maps for comprehensive work planning across all organisational levels.

Precise work monitoring

Implement robust mechanisms for precise work measurements and continuous observation to optimise performance.

Contextual team collaboration

Enable effective collaboration by providing context-specific insights tailored to the needs of every team.

Visibility into remote and hybrid work

Gain valuable insights into remote and hybrid teams, ensuring clarity on their activities and performance.

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Easy Redmine: The right channel for work communication

Why? Easy Redmine transforms your work from disorganised chaos to a structured collaborative environment with tasks and projects. Tasks serve as the central hub of communication, complementing chat and email while bringing clarity and structure to your day-to-day work.

Professional task management

Professional task management solution in the unified ecosystem of Easy Redmine.

  • One task assignee at a time: no more confusion about who takes the next step
  • Task due date: provides clear information about deadlines
  • Task priority: easily filter tasks and prioritise your work
  • Task status: clear information about the current state of the work

Smooth operations

Clear organization for every segment of your work.

  • Comments and history: offers a clear understanding of what was done by whom and how collaboration progressed
  • Files: upload task-related documents, pictures, videos, or any other files.
  • Dashboards: easily gain insights and monitor performance
  • Workflows: ensure everyone follows your desired work process

Take full control of your work

Let's explore how Easy Redmine bridges the gaps among existing communication and collaboration platforms to facilitate effective teamwork.

Clear work communication

No more cluttered chats and emails with vague discussions about tasks. Work with structured tasks and easily share links instead.

Personalised homepages

Organised homepages for every team member enable the arrangement of different agendas, serving both team and personal time management.

Task-based notifications

Receive notifications only for what is crucial to your work, ensuring you never miss any important updates from your team, and avoid any unimportant ones.

Context-driven work

Work management is guided by the surrounding context through our integrated knowledge base.

Aligning tasks, processes, and projects with a rich repository of contextual information empowers teams to make informed decisions, adapt strategies, and boost overall productivity.

Remote and hybrid work management

Conversational online channels and collaboration tools serve organisations well and were quickly implemented across industries. However, this alone brings a lack of focus and context, failing to provide clarity and alignment around work and team productivity. 

Measurable work visibility is becoming essential to lead remote and hybrid teams.

This has led to an increasing demand for work formalisation, measurements, and alignments at different levels of organisations – prompting the implementation of collaborative work management tools like Easy Redmine. 

Real-time collaboration

Upload files, share meeting notes, define next steps, and set deadlines — all in real-time with your teammates to maintain Easy Redmine as a single source of truth for your work.

Planning across all organisational levels

Work Breakdown structure tool makes team planning much easier, both on strategic and operational levels.

Team performance dashboards

Fully customisable dashboards enable continuous monitoring and evaluation of your teams' performance, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive further improvements in accomplishing tasks.

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