Agile or Waterfall? Why not both?

Neither Agile nor Waterfall is ideal for all your projects. Combine the best of both in one solution.

IT & Software companies use Easy Redmine to

Utilize resources

Spend more time planning and less executing the key to efficient resource utilization

Manage development

Agile development, release management, versioning, software repositories, Help Desk

Collect performance data

The best data for evaluation is your own. You can easily manage what you measure

Planning and roles

Plan, assign roles and responsibilities, and create critical paths

IT & Software Project Management

In Software management, adding more people and resources often leads to increased complexity and reduces the likelihood of delivering projects on time and within budget. Instead, focus on efficient project management techniques, optimise resource utilisation, and eliminate chaos.

All-in-one solution for your software development

Agile Development

Scrum Boards
Kanban Boards
Native GitLab integration

Waterfall Project Management

Gantt Chart
Resource Management

Customer Care

Help Desk

Knowledge Base

Wiki-structured knowledge base
Robust visual content editor
Quick filters & Advanced search

Finance Management

Project budgets
Cash flow planning

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How Easy Redmine Can Help Remote Workers Maintain Productivity

Thanks to COVID-19, millions of people from around the world have set up shop at home. Remote working is not new, but with the pandemic, it has evolved from an alternative to the physical office to a necessity.

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How Can You Benefit From the Time Tracking Feature of Redmine

Redmine is an amazing project-managing tool that serves plenty of software developers around the world. It has different features that make it possible for users to work with maximum efficiency.

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Revolutionizing Scrum Workflows: Real user insights into Easy Redmine 13 Scrum Boards

In software development, real-world challenges guide the best innovations. There’s nothing like firsthand experience to steer the product in the right direction. Our Scrum Boards in Easy Redmine 13 reflect this principle. Our team’s challenges, needs, and day-to-day scenarios have shaped them, improved them and helped to streamline their functionality.

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Case studies of Easy Redmine implementations

More efficient project management in IT services – GRUPO AVALON

More efficient project management in IT services – GRUPO AVALON


IT services



Original applications:

MS Excel

Implementation in:


Grupo Avalon is a Spanish company that provides its customers with IT services, mainly in the field of software. The portfolio of clients of Grupo Avalon is made up of clients of the public sector and private sector, mainly financial services.

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How Seyfor switched to a single tool for HelpDesk and Project Management with enthusiasm



Date of implementation:

September 2022


Zlín, Czech Republic

Number of users:


Division using Easy Redmine:

Express Apps & Incadea & OneCore

The Czech fastest-growing IT solutions provider in Europe Seyfor (previously Solitea) started to use Easy Redmine in their divisions Incadea and One Core, and also for Money ERP. The main challenge for these companies with over 260 thousand clients worldwide was to put project management and Help Desk systems into a single system in 8 months and save money for licenses. In the end, the whole company, including the CEO, was actively involved in the implementation, which resulted in enthusiastic adoption of the tool and true customization.

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