Align your teams to always focus on customers

Break down silos and connect sales, delivery, and support teams in one logically integrated system.


Ensure that your customer always remains the central focus for every team.

Integrated B2B CRM

Leverage integrated B2B CRM with robust support for indirect sales.

Customer relations in sync

Centralise your CRM and Helpdesk data for seamless alignment.

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Integrated B2B CRM

The B2B CRM module in Easy Redmine is designed for mid-sized organisations that utilise Easy Redmine as central management software for work and projects, leveraging the extensively integrated experience of traditional siloed applications.

No more silos between sales and delivery teams

Similar to customer service management, the primary advantage of Customer Relationship Management in Easy Redmine is fostering a connected experience and customer data for teams that often operate in silos.

Designed for excellent sales teams

  • Account managers can view and respond to open tickets or escalations related to their customers, shaping sales initiatives accordingly.
  • One contact management for all teams: sales, project management, and customer service.
  • All teams centralise customer information for accessibility across the organisation.
  • Business segmentation supports teams in prioritising tickets, issues, and business processes.

Support your sales teams

  • Support teams gain insights into crucial prospect requests, allowing them to positively influence acquisition efforts.
  • Clear cost of service is identified, as all tickets have linked and filterable accounts.
  • Closed contracts with product and service details are immediately accessible to delivery teams.
  • Pre-sales can log time on opportunities to track costs and acknowledge contributors to closed deals.
  • With Easy Redmine's new Knowledge Base, account plans, project reports, and other customer-related documents are interconnected and shared across teams.

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