Agile or Waterfall? Why not both?

Neither Agile nor Waterfall is ideal for all your projects. Combine the best of both in one solution.

Navigate complexity

with versatile task views, robust data structuring options, and customisable dashboards.

Standardise your process

by using project and task templates to better prioritise and evaluate your work.

Go by the book

Put theory in action. Whether it's proper Scrum or the PMI Waterfall approach.

Alternative to Jira

Open-source. Flexible pricing. Available on both cloud and on-premises. Forever.

Trusted by the best

Key features & capabilities

Gantt chart

Visualise project timelines, dependencies, and milestones using Gantt charts for effective project planning and scheduling. 

Works Breakdown Structure

Create a hierarchical breakdown of project tasks and deliverables, providing a clear overview of project scope and organisation.

Resource Management

Effectively allocate and manage project resources, preventing overallocation and ensuring resource availability when needed.

Scrum Boards

Based on insights from 200 Scrum teams worldwide, we have built the all-new Scrum boards designed to foster seamless real-time collaboration and accelerate your Agile project management.

Scrum Boards provide a structured approach to product development, emphasising collaboration, adaptability, and iterative progress.

Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards are simple agile visual tools that enhance team organization and task tracking.

By utilizing columns and cards to represent various project stages, they foster collaboration, transparency, and ongoing work improvement. 

Project budgets

Maintain straightforward project financial records and/or integrate with specialised finance tools.

Time tracking

Keep precise records of work hours and project time allocation to improve project budgeting, billing, and overall time management. 

Risk Management

Register the risks, decide on a strategy for addressing the risk, and assign actions (tasks) to mitigate them.

Stakeholder Management

Build a comprehensive address book with Accounts, Personal contacts, and Partners all interconnected, or simply add a brief note for each stakeholder who impacts your project.

Knowledge Base

Your centralised repository of valuable project-related information, fostering knowledge sharing and easy access to critical resources.

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