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Maintain real-time control of projects and apply a company-wide approach to project delivery

Retain quality employees with easy communication & cloud technology that allows access anywhere

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Sakshi Solanki

The good points included are all the built in plugins that are well integrated for project management. I liked the Agile board plugin and documents features the most. The sequence for tasks is good to use too. Resource Management and Cost Estimation features are also very useful, as there is no need for separate Excel maintenance for the same purpose. An improvement areas is customer support, as sometimes follow-up is required which could be avoided with a timely response.

Case studies of Easy Redmine implementations

How Integrity solved everyday use cases effectively with Asset & Configuration Management


Software Development

Date of implementation:

November 2022


London, United Kingdom

Number of users:


Departments using ACM:

All departments

Before the Asset & Configuration management was installed, Integrity used Easy Redmine. However, it became crucial to incorporate IT asset management and IT Service management in order to efficiently deliver services and products. In this case study you can find out how they did it.

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How Seyfor switched to a single tool for HelpDesk and Project Management with enthusiasm



Date of implementation:

September 2022


Zlín, Czech Republic

Number of users:


Division using Easy Redmine:

Express Apps & Incadea & OneCore

The Czech fastest-growing IT solutions provider in Europe Seyfor (previously Solitea) started to use Easy Redmine in their divisions Incadea and One Core, and also for Money ERP. The main challenge for these companies with over 260 thousand clients worldwide was to put project management and Help Desk systems into a single system in 8 months and save money for licenses. In the end, the whole company, including the CEO, was actively involved in the implementation, which resulted in enthusiastic adoption of the tool and true customization.

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