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Easy Redmine is the choice for project leaders of companies that strive for highly organized cooperation and results reporting.

Are you a member of the Project Management Office? 

As a project management officer, you understand the critical role your office plays in driving project success and organizational growth. Our powerhouse project management tool is designed for project management officers like yours, empowering you to deliver your projects on time and within budget.

What are the common fears of PMOs acquiring PM software?

Adoption and User Resistance

PMOs may be concerned that their team members will resist adopting the new software. They need to ensure a smooth transition and adoption by their teams.

Vendor Reliability and Support

Fear of selecting a software vendor that may lack long-term viability or adequate support.

Data Loss

Data from ongoing or completed projects may not transfer correctly during the migration process.

Easy Redmine helps with these challenges

Adoption and User Resistance

Easy Redmine provides a set of complex project management functions that need to be properly implemented. You will get the most of the software paired with implementation, which will help all your colleagues understand the benefits of the system and how to work with it.

Vendor Reliability and Support
Data Loss


Business users


Years of development




85 partners in 26 countries



What about my daily tasks that have to be done?

Project planning

CTOs use project management tools to plan and structure technology projects.

Task tracking

Need to assign tasks to the teams and monitor the progress.

Monitoring of KPIs

Often need to track the workflow of colleges to see how close your project is to the set goal.

Designing the dashboard

Prepare the tailor-made dashboard for time-saving and efficiency.

Here is one solution for all daily tasks that will be done 

Project planning

The work breakdown structure plugin visualizes projects, tasks, and sub-tasks in a mind map like form - showing decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team. It enables you to manage projects and tasks using easy drag & drop while having a clear visualization of the whole project.

Task Tracking

See which tasks have been done, are in progress, or are overdue - so you know what tasks require your attention in order to keep pace with your project plan/schedule.

People Dashboard

People Dashboard allows you to see information about your users at a glance. Use the dashboard to view user tasks and their statuses, project membership status of users, assigned work completion, finished tasks, spent time, personal costs, and much more!

Activity reports

An activity overview (changes made on tasks) of a specific person can be found on the particular user's profile. Moreover, global activity feed is a feature accessible from the sidebar that keeps you informed about today's activities on the selected projects.

Cyril Lécot testifies to Easy Redmine

Cyril Lécot

Operations Manager
Netquarks, France

"We adopted Easy Redmine six months ago in order to control all of our web projects. 
We are very happy as we now have a complete overview in terms of control of costs and staffing resources and we also have a powerful tool for interaction with our customers."

Paul Lendrates testifies to Easy Redmine

Paul Lendrates

Project Manager

"Easy Redmine helps us a lot. We can utilize our employees with Resource Management plugin very well and we have also bought other plugins which we use for tracking of project costs and incomes."

Introducing Easy Redmine for your needs

  • Plan your project timeline with Gantt Chart
  • See the workload overview with WBS
  • Balance your workload using Agile Resource Management
  • Monitor and update tasks in the blink of an eye with our renewed Intuitive Task Form
  • Save time on getting essential data with Dynamic Filters
  • Access to Task & Time Tracking, Kanban, SCRUM 
  • Connect your clients and PM with B2B CRM and HelpDesk

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