Higher project quality and efficiency

Excellent project propositions, spotless implementation, and flawless realization with Easy Redmine.

Providers of public goods use Easy Redmine to

Prepare documentation for the propositions of projects, including budgets and required resources

Facilitate information flow between the design & consulting engineers, stakeholders and contractors

Set the initial three main characteristics of a project goal, budget, and time - and communicate them to stakeholders.

Define quality indicators and use reporting tools to track them.

Support communication through task lists, document management, calendaring, and workflows.

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Make stakeholders happy

Gantt & Resource Management

To set time-frames and create lists of resources for project approval

Finance Management

To provide stakeholders with a breakdown of costs for planned projects


To update project documentation and set approval workflows

Help Desk

To stay in touch with your key stakeholders


To report project delivery to your stakeholders and facilitate transparency

More information about Easy Redmine

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Benefits of Using Redmine as an Open-Source Project Management Tool

Redmine is a project management tool, but because it offers source code to users, it is an entirely new world to explore. Primarily, this tool is an issue tracker, but management teams use it for different purposes that include tracking bugs, task management, and the overall progress of a project.

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How Easy Redmine Help Managers Enhance Productivity

To manage teams and projects, Easy Redmine is the best project management software to enhance your organization's productivity. It has several advantages. It is possible to expand the capabilities of this program through the use of its various plugins.

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Case studies of Easy Redmine implementations

Easy Redmine helps to manage non-profit organization ELEKTROWIN more transparently-case study

Elektrowin - Easy Redmine helps to manage non-profit organization transparently


non-profit organization



Original apps:

Excel sheets

Implementation in:


Elektrowin is a non-profit organization that specializes in collecting electronic waste. Easy Redmine is used for transparent management of the organization.

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Ceska Televize logo-Easy Redmine client interview

Czech Television - From Redmine to Easy Redmine Project Management (interview)

Using Easy Redmine:

Since 2016


On-line department of TV channel

Number of users:


The original solution:

Redmine, SAP

“Česká televize” is a Czech’s national TV channel with more than 60 years of history, making it the oldest streaming TV channel in the country. Department of New Media has quickly grown in the last years and original software solutions for project management began to seem insufficient.

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