FAQ about Easy Redmine

About software

How is it between Redmine and Easy Redmine?

I am already a Redmine user. Why and how should I upgrade?

Comparison of Easy Redmine with other PM apps?

Is there any documentation for Easy Redmine?

Who is Easy Redmine designed for?

Is Easy Redmine compatible with other 3rd parties' Redmine plugins?

What is the difference between consulting and customer support?

Pricing and licenses

What kind of license does Easy Redmine have?

Server solution versus Cloud - how do these 2 work?

Switch from Cloud to Server solution? Is it possible?

Technical info

Want to import your Redmine data into cloud Easy Redmine?

I already have Easy Redmine installed. How do I check which version it is?

What are the parameters of the Server solution?

Updates for Server solution?

Can I upgrade a currently running application?

Parameters of the Cloud solution?

How to go from a trial to a paid solution?

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