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Redmine Upgrade Wizard key benefits

  • Complex solution - easy-to-use wizard take you through all steps of how to upgrade your Redmine

  • Tested - Redmine upgrade wizard is applicable for custom installation on Linux, Windows and Unix servers

  • Compatible - can be used to upgrade any Redmine version


Redmine Upgrade Wizard covers following steps:

1) Redmine Root - define where you Redmine is installed
2) Loading package - loading package to temporary folder
3) Validation of current Redmine
4) Backup - full / configuration + database / only database
5) Upgrading - upgrade commands are executed
6) Moving Redmine - current Redmine is upgraded with new files
7) Profile saving - upgrade procedure is saved for future use


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“Even though I’ve installed or updated Redmine hundreds of times, the last time I upgraded our main system, something went wrong and the database update script would not complete.  After wasting several hours trying to figure out why I decided to try the new Redmine Installer Gem. Using the installer, everything was working perfectly within minutes.  I’ve since used the installer to update several other systems and it’s worked perfectly every time.” 

Christopher Caruk
Chief Technologist
Pegasus Consultancy

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