Easy Redmine Installation from scratch

This guide will show you how to install Redmine or Easy Redmine from scratch using Redmine Installer Gem. As ever you need to have proper software and hardware/server configuration.

A prerequisite for installing is to have a Redmine or Easy Redmine package downloaded on the server. This package is available in the client zone. If you do not know your login credentials to the client zone, contact us via web chat (right bottom corner icon) or reach us on our support contacts.

0) Before you start

Please make sure you have proper hardware and software server configuration as described here. Some more useful information:

  • The webserver must have FULL access to public, files, log, tmp folders => DO NOT RUN REDMINE INSTALLER UNDER ROOT!
  • Webrick web server is NOT supported
  • The installation does NOT set-up CRON automatically - you need to do it manually
  • For correct running of the Redmine installer, at least 250 MB is required free on the root disc
  • Server must have unrestricted internet connection, at least at the time of installation

There is also a detailed installation manual available directly in the package in doc/INSTALL

1) Redmine Installer Ruby Gem

In order to install new Redmine or Easy Redmine, you need to install Redmine installer Ruby into a compiled Ruby. To install this gem use: 

Request installer download!

$ gem install redmine-installer

2) Installation

When the installer gem is installed in your Ruby, you can run installation using this command:

$ redmine install [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT]

[PACKAGE] - Redmine installation package (zip or gz)
[REDMINE_ROOT] - where to install the application

To get help:

$ redmine help
$ redmine help install

redmine Commands for Redmine Installation - from Archive

Supported archives are .zip .tar.gz

$ redmine install [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT]
# with environment
$ redmine install [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT] --env environment


$ redmine install easyredmine_2016_stable_u11271_v2018_1_2__platform_04_00.zip /home/easy/current

3) Further Information after Installation

  • CRON needs to be set-up manually
    Information about cron configuration here

Find more detailed technical information about installer in the Gem documentation ->

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