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Redmine CRM and sales processes

Easy Redmine and CRM are in one application now. Projects can have a CRM module turned on and thus you can track your leads, opportunities, quotations, and clients. Sales communication can be done directly from Redmine thanks to an e-mail integration. Sales forecasts are there as well and therefore, your website or shopping cart can easily be integrated with Easy Redmine and you can manage it all in one place.

CRM within projects

CRM is a project level module. A CRM module lists CRM cases in the following statuses: lead, opportunity, quotation, client, upsale, partner. It also sends e-mail notifications about updates and CRM cases can be tied to tasks and contacts.

Integrated e-mail communication

If a salesperson sends an email to the client or gets a reply, CRM case is automatically updated and all the whole sales communication is thus kept in one place - on the specific CRM case.   

Particular mailboxes such as sale@company.com can be defined for automatic processing. Any incoming e-mail is then processed and saved as a CRM case. Afterwards, all the communication is done just by updating the CRM case.

Sales statistics

Any custom sales statistics can be defined. Two types of charts are available - a pie chart and a bar graph. Pie charts can be used to display: sales per country, sales per product, etc. Bar graphs can be used to show: sales performance per user or sales forecast per user.

Automation of sales process

Web contact forms or particular mailboxes can be processed and set to automatically create a CRM case. A defined user is automatically assigned to a new CRM cases and e-mail templates can be automatically sent when the CRM case is created or when it is updated.

Integration of e-commerce solution

Expand your online business while still managing it within your information system. We offer you a specials integration of CRM with a German e-commerce solution VirtueMart. E-commerce orders are saved in particular projects as tasks or CRM cases. As you update the tasks, orders are updated as well. All of is done via the Redmine REST API and plugins for VirtueMart.

Implementation of Easy Redmine is smooth and easy - find out more in case studies of our customers that have already upgraded to Easy Redmine.

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