Case Study: Standardization of the Project Management Work – Ayesa Advanced Technologies

Length:2 minutes
Author:Anna Ogunnusi

AYESA is an international Spanish company, dedicated to engineering, technology, and IT Consulting. Previously to have Easy Redmine, Ayesa was using several tools without any integration (MS Project, Jira, MS Excel, and other internal tools).

High-level time tracking and cost plan were managed in SAP BPC. The wide range of tools available generates a problem to have a common and clear picture of the project's status. Ayesa wants to manage the projects as work packages, and each of the work packages has requirements and deliverables associated.


  • Standardization of the project management work with only one tool
  • Technical detail: control and management of the deliverables, contract items, tasks, costs, spent time in one tool
  • Capacity management: improve the flexibility of the resources
  • Hierarchy of the resources under control through roles management
  • Improve productivity and cost margin
  • Standardization of the procedures


  • The tool has to allow differents project and task types
  • Integration with other corporate software (SAP, BPC)
  • Resource and skill management
  • Work done by each employee (including the type of work and category)
  • Contractual documentation of the project and relationship with work and employees
  • Reporting of the work done, pending, and in progress
  • Reporting of the work done in time
  • Capacity management
  • Estimated, spent, and invoiced time

The whole case study can be found here.

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