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How Redmine Helps With Task Tracking and Workflow

6 minutes
Adéla Sýkorová

Technology is fast progressing, and there is newer software coming up every day. One such software is Redmine. Redmine is a project management web application that serves multiple features such as managing various projects simultaneously, featuring feed and e-mail notifications, among other things.

Two of the significant features of Redmine include task tracking and workflow. Since it is an open-source project, it can help businesses customize the tool to regularly track assigned tasks and workflow. Let's take a closer look at two features offered by Redmine.

How Redmine Helps With Task Tracking

If you are running a business or any organization, it is imperative to keep track of all the tasks. Different tasks are assigned to several people, and it can become quite challenging to monitor them. This is where software like Redmine comes in. The task tracking feature with Redmine allows users to view their assigned projects on their personal pages. The daily updates on these pages are made according to the workflow of every individual. Others can view the changes and track the progress of any activity.

This enhances the communication between different individuals, and using this, they can cooperate on collaborative tasks. The advanced features in Redmine allow efficient time tracking and also feature an estimated time option. This is a great tool to organize things and visibly show progress to the clients.

The task tracking feature works both on an individual level and on an organizational level. Individuals customize their personal pages and create as many tabs as they want. The templates of such personal pages can support more than one assignment at a time. In other instances, a single page can also be used by multiple users if they are working collaboratively. The best part about these customized pages is that everyone is satisfied with their personal pages as they are as personalized as one would like them to be.

Using plug-ins like resource management, users can keep track of the task allocation and then view the individual tasks on their personal pages along with the time.

This feature serves a great purpose to managers who wish to monitor all the tasks assigned to their team members and their progress. What’s more, managers can view the tasks assigned to users and the status of each task. This helps them keep track of all tasks that are pending or need to be addressed. The task tracking feature helps increase productivity as all tasks are viewed on the surface.

Updates and task completion are notified easily using e-mail, which takes the pressure off from managers to check each task for updates personally.

Many times we end up spending more time on a task than we intend to. To combat this wastage of time, users can track their time using the stopwatch feature. Every task must be profitable with regards to the time spent on it. This is how using the task tracking feature on Redmine allows for efficient working and guaranteed project completion.

How Redmine Helps With Workflow

The workflow settings in Redmine allow for simple and easy control of the status transactions and the field permissions. This feature is exclusively designed for the administration so that they can easily access and manage according to their preference. The primary purpose of the workflow feature is to configure changes in the task statuses and assign different trackers.

The workflow feature is convenient when it comes to software development. Redmine has two other key features that make it a lucrative option for users.

Transitioning Of Status

The transitioning of status permits the user to select a user role and its corresponding tracker. Then it further allows you to set the task changes as per the role on a particular tracker. There are two columns, one refers to the current task status, and the other refers to the options of status changes you can choose from.

This prevents any user from changing the task status and leaves the options to those higher up in the hierarchy. To make this a possibility, you can make selections such as the task tracker and assign the user role to whoever you want. When you do that, make sure to uncheck the appropriate box to award the permission to the right user role.

Field Permissions

To select the field permissions, you can make the standard selection of role and tracker as you did previously. The two columns now give the option of fields, which can either be standard or custom fields. In the other column, you'll find which mode the field should be accessible in. The option includes blank mode, read-only mode, and require mode. The read-only mode prohibits users from changing the tracker unless it is set for inspection. For the required mode, you can fill it up with any field as per your needs. If you leave it empty, your task will not be saved.

The setting of the fields demands attention. If you don't do it right you might end up preventing your workers from completing their tasks efficiently.

Why Should You Choose Redmine

Redmine is an excellent solution to manage things in a transparent and time-effective manner. You can use it to keep all your users, managers, and even customers in a loop. This helps companies give real-time responses to customers and all issues are resolved immediately. The task tracing leaves little to no space for errors. Employees are motivated to complete their work on time and track the profitability of each task to ensure it does not eat up more time than necessary.

Needless to say, Redmine is perfect for smooth, error-free operations. It integrates all information efficiently and allows for amplified communication ensuring workforces can operate smoothly.

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