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Accountability and transparency with Easy Redmine

7 minutes
Veronika Galíková

You probably don't think of project management software when you hear the phrase "transparency". However, the term transparency is used in various ways in Redmine. Project management software does more than track the progress of various projects. It also promotes open, constructive team communication, which is why we trust Redmine. It provides you with the accountability and transparency you are looking for!

Table of contents

The buzzword phenomenon
Why transparency in project management drives team success
Team visibility and alignment boosted by Redmine
Allow for open conversation
Manage ad-hoc requests
Control the workload of the team
Invigorate your workday with Easy Redmine

The buzzword phenomenon

Companies often use buzzwords for advertising noteworthy or innovative developments, such as "It's going to be a game-changer". Transparency and accountability are also some of the hottest buzzwords of the moment, which you can't find everywhere!

Anyway, the concept of openness and honesty (transparency) is not new at all. In the same vein as openness and information exchange, this idea has been around for a long time. However, we now better grasp how being open and honest affects people's perceptions of you. Increasing employee satisfaction and a sense of purpose is made possible through transparency in the workplace. 

Why transparency in project management drives team success

Most employees are unaware of their company's vision, purpose, or objectives. This seeming disparity and inconsistency hamper employee productivity.

Transparency improves the morale and productivity of the team. It is important to be transparent in project management to see how a project or a process is doing.

There should be a common standard for employees to adhere to when it comes to accountability. It is necessary to foster an environment of employee responsibility and transparency to achieve a high-performing organization.

Moreover, transparency is less commonly found in project management software because project managers do not like to involve their team in every decision even though it is beneficial for the business. But Easy Redmine provides you with transparency and accountability features with ease.

Team visibility and alignment boosted by Redmine

In more than one quarter, 26% of employees said they felt their bosses weren't transparent to them, according to a survey. According to the same number, project failures are caused by a lack of transparency.

It might be difficult to keep everyone on the same page if you are part of a team. While this may seem counterintuitive, teams must use technologies that keep them open. To accommodate this issue, you'll have to make some adjustments to the communication methods you've been using.

Resource management dashboard.

Resource management dashboard

To maintain transparency and accountability, you'll need a system that provides real-time project reporting. Using Redmine's easy-to-use interface, you can provide your team and stakeholders more visibility into the progress of crucial deliverables. That way, everyone will clearly understand what you're doing and be on the same page. Implementing a resource management dashboard within Redmine could significantly enhance this transparency, offering an at-a-glance view of resource allocation, task status, and project timelines. 

Allow for open conversation

Your best bet for improving communications is to have a strong team spirit with regular encounters and plenty of social time. It is also necessary to establish rules for the acceptable use of email, chat, and video.

Find the tools that work best for you and your group. Online team communication is made simple with Easy Redmine. You may communicate with your colleagues using the instant messaging feature on your computer or smartphone. As a result, the wide variety of dashboards improves communication between the various levels of management in a business, e.g., Scrum Boards.

Manage ad-hoc requests

Request management and balancing your existing workload may become quite difficult when you are held accountable for all the tasks. Using spreadsheets or sticky notes, on the other hand, may lead to disaster.

You need an all-in-one system that allows you to manage your workload in real-time. You may organize ad-hoc projects with the help of Easy Redmine. You can use Easy Gantt to keep track of key tasks you've defined in the Easy Redmine planning.

Control the workload of the team

If you're in charge of a team, you are accountable for ensuring everyone stays on task. One of the most critical components of keeping a team focused is balancing workloads to minimize burnout and keep healthy staff.

Workload management may be improved by planning tasks based on the capabilities of your team and company goals. Your staff will arrange their time and resources more since they will know exactly what they're working on. It's also possible to keep an eye on the development of each member of your team to make sure you're not overburdening or underutilizing any of them.

Easy Redmine provides a user-friendly resource management tool. To make sure you stay on track, you can assign tasks based on the real-time capacity of your employees, estimate completion time, and monitor progress.

Resource management dashboard.

Resource management dashboard

Invigorate your workday with Easy Redmine

Transparency and accountability in the workplace is essential. 87% of employees said they want their firms to be open and honest in a 2018 poll. 80% of the respondents expressed an interest in learning more about their organization's decision-making process. 70% of employees responded that they need accountability for their work.

When it comes to workplace openness, it's no surprise that it's a topic that's often broached. Those who favor open communication may choose to go all-in on radical transparency, while others may want to take a more moderate approach. Also, to be accountable, people need this to stay in charge of their work (to own up to their work), then either it is good or bad feedback, it'll be theirs!

All this is possible through strong communication! Communication is the greatest method to encourage transparency. It's simpler for team members to discuss ideas and challenges when they communicate clearly and respectfully.

When you have the correct project tools, you can maximize the organization's transparency, accountability, and productivity. With Easy Redmine, you don't have to worry about being productive. So choose – wisely! Try our open-source project management tool if you have not decided yet!

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