Redmine task & time tracking

Task tracking on the project level is a basic system feature. Tasks are assigned to users who see them on their personal pages. Users update tasks according to the work-flow and permissions - this is how the users communicate & cooperate. External users such as partners or clients can access the system as well. There is just one key to advanced features - it is time tracking and estimated time..

Everyday work management

All users have a personal page which helps them manage everyday personal work. The personal page is customizable and allows users to create tabs - users can thus have more personal pages. Templates of personal pages allow multiple assignments - one predefined page can be assigned to more users. A variety of personal page modules ensures that everybody has the page that perfectly suits her/his needs.

Users can also see their allocation of tasks in the Resource management plugin. There is a personal page module that displays tasks on a timeline with an estimated time and due date. 

Task tracking

Managers can display tasks assigned to particular users and see their statuses. They can also quickly find the tasks that are overdue or have not been updated for a longer period of time - idle tasks. This is an easy way how to control task completion. All new tasks or updates are also reported using e-mail notifications. Users, therefore, do not need to constantly check Easy Redmine, it notifies them instead.

Time tracking

Users can track their time spent on tasks in several ways, including stopwatches and manual task update. Time tracking is a key feature for many basic and additional Easy Redmine plugins, such as invoicing and timesheets. Time tracking allows you to assess project performance and its overall profitability based on the spend time. 

Alerts - Early Warning System & Notifications  for Managers

Managers can easily set any notification they need - overdue tasks, approaching milestones and project deadlines - simply anything. This is how managers can always stay in control of all their projects.

Easy Redmine-Alerts Early Warning System

Implementation of Easy Redmine is smooth and easy - find out more in case studies of our customers that have already upgraded to Easy Redmine.

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