Installation terms

Easy Software Ltd. (Supplier) guarantees correct functioning of Easy Redmine (Application) under the following contitions.

1. Virtual machine

Application is provided on a virtual machine (VM) created by Supplier. Customer follows the VM README and best practises in all related component (web server, app server, database, etc.).

2. Custom installation

Application is installed directly to server using GEM - Redmine installer and all conditions included in the following instructions are met.

  • New clean install:
  • Upgrade from basic Redmine:
  • Updating existing Easy Redmine:

Hardware and software requirements:

2.1 Installing over existing Redmine

If Customer is installing Application over an existing Redmine, Supplier guarantees correct upgrade and full data migration if Redmine installer is used for the upgrading procedure AND:

  • Redmine doesn't contain any 3rd party plugins
  • Redmine doesn't contain any custom modifications
  • Redmine database is not corrupted and all required tables are in correct form

If there are any changes in the database, Easy Redmine has no way to migrate the necessary data and tables. It will result either in complete fail of the installation, or in the worse case installation will be complete, but you will get random errors in regular usage.

3. Supplier's liability

If any of the aforementioned conditions are broken, Supplier is NOT liable for ANY failures or malfunctions of the Application.

If all the conditions are met and Customer finds a failure or malfunction in the Application, it should be reported by creating a ticket in Client zone.

or by reporting to

Reported tickets are resolved in accordance to purchased support level. Support levels:

3.1 Custom modifications

If Customer has made any changes in the Application's source code, Supplier is NOT liable for neither correct installation of updates of the Application nor correct functioning of the Application itself.

Custom modifications delivered directly by Supplier are guaranteed to function correctly in the version of the Application in which it was initially delivered. The custom modification may become obsolete during the course of installing updates of the Application and may be subject to refactoring by Supplier at the cost of the Customer.

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