Do what your Jira can’t

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Jakub Ryba

Jira is a powerful project management tool, but it doesn't come with every feature out of the box. Some features not included in the basic settings include advanced reporting capabilities, built-in Gantt Chart functionality, Time Tracking, Project Tree Structure, Custom Dashboards or Mindmaps, and Work Breakdown Structure.

Let’s take a deeper look into these advanced project features and learn how you can improve your project management stack!

Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is commonly used in the Waterfall methodology of project management. This stands for a linear, sequential approach where progress flows in a downward direction through a series of distinct phases.

The chart is used to plan and schedule the project, with each phase represented by a separate row in the chart. The chart shows the start and end dates of each phase, as well as the dependencies between them. By using the Gantt chart, project managers can identify potential issues early and take corrective action to keep the project on track.

Integrated Time Tracking

This is the process of measuring the amount of time spent on specific tasks or activities. It is commonly done by recording the start and end times of tasks and can be done manually or automatically by your team members using a time tracker.

It is used to measure productivity, track progress and estimate completion time. Time tracking helps project managers to understand how much time is spent on different tasks and potentially make adjustments as needed to keep the project on schedule.

Project Tree Structure

Every project consists of tasks and subtasks. The tree structure is used to organize and structure a project in a clear and logical way. It represents the project as a structure of tasks and subtasks, each represented by a node in the tree, with parent tasks branching out to child tasks.

The project tree structure helps managers and teams to understand the overall scope of the project and identify dependencies, critical paths, and potential bottlenecks. It also helps to communicate the project's objectives and tasks to stakeholders. It's usually used in conjunction with other PM tools.

Custom Dashboards

Jira doesn’t let you customize your tabs and dashboards. Personalized views allow users to create a tailored view of the data that is most important to them, easily view and compare data from different sources, create different views for different stakeholders, and easily share them with project teams.

They can help project managers and teams to better understand their projects and make more informed decisions.

Work Breakdown Structure

WBS is used to organize and plan a project. It breaks down the project into smaller, manageable chunks, each level representing a different level of detail, with the topmost level representing the main goal or objective of the project.

It helps managers identify critical tasks, estimate time and resources, identify dependencies, and communicate the project's objectives and tasks to stakeholders. It's usually used in the pre-projecting phase in conjunction with other project management tools.

Mind Maps

Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts in order before the project starts. A mind map is a visual tool used to organize and structure information. It typically consists of a central idea or concept, with branches radiating outwards to represent related ideas, subtopics, or details.

Mind maps can be used to brainstorm, organize thoughts, or simply plan your projects. They can also be used to make connections between different pieces of information and to see the relationships between them. 

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