HelpDesk pour le service clientèle

Besides complex project management, Easy Redmine is often used as a HelpDesk solution for customer care. The reason is simple – no more separate applications for various project stages. Easy Redmine HelpDesk offers a complex customer care solution.

HelpDesk projects 

A big advantage of using Easy Redmine as a HelpDesk solution is that you can simply switch realization projects to support projects as you finish them while all the information from the realization stage is preserved. All you need to do is:

  • change the parent project (realization -> support)
  • Configure SLA (priority, pre-paid hours, account manager)
  • Configure ticket creation from e-mails
  • Grant clients access (it should be done already in the realization phase)

HelpDesk access for clients with simplified UI

Your clients can access Easy Redmine where they create new tickets and track the existing ones. Easy Redmine HelpDesk can be wrapped into your website (using an iframe) so it looks like a native part of it or clients can access a simplified UI.

HelpDesk Knowledge Base for Clients

If clients access your HelpDesk, they can also use your knowledge base - actively search for solutions.

Tickets from e-mails: clients send e-mails to create tickets

Clients create tickets by sending e-mails to defined support mailboxes. Domains or addresses can be mapped on particular support projects - if you receive an e-mail from i.e. -> a ticket is created in the Vodafone project. It offers the following features:

  • unlimited support mailboxes can be defined
  • sender domains or e-mail adresses are mapped on projects
  • tickets are automatically assigned to defined users - support managers
  • priority of the ticket is set according to the key words in the e-mail subject
  • a due date for reaction and resolution can be set according to SLA

E-mail communication from HelpDesk

When a ticket from an e-mail is created, an automatic reply is sent to the customer. Also, multiple e-mail templates can be defined for various statuses of the tickets. Support staff can notify a customer using the ticket update. If the client replies, the particular ticket is updated again.

Internal HelpDesk & LDAP authentication

For the internal company HelpDesk, LDAP authentication is very useful. According to the user's LDAP group role, a personal page template and a support project are assigned. This solves:

  • single authentication - internal clients can log in to the HelpDesk using their standard credentials
  • automatic personal page setting - users obtain simple HelpDesk personal page with a new ticket form & list of their tickets
  • automatic role & project assignment - users are assigned to projects and roles according to their LDAP properties 

HelpDesk Work Flow

Thanks to advanced Redmine filters & trackers & roles & workflow settings and custom fields, any work flow can be easily designed.  Your support staff will enjoy the "I'm on it" button which, after clicking, will assign a ticket to you, start counting time spent and change the status.

HelpDesk tickets have information about an SLA response, due times for resolution, and external e-mail. If a ticket is captured in a "General HelpDesk project" inline editation of the project field makes it easy to place it to a proper HelpDesk sub-project.

Implementation of Easy Redmine is smooth and easy - find out more in case studies of our customers that already upgraded for Easy Redmine.

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