Why Redmine Is Perfect For Both Project Management and Software Development Teams

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Author:Jakub Ryba

Redmine is an essential tool that helps users keep track of bugs, fixes, tasks, or projects. It gives project managers extensive insight into the projects and their progress. It also simplifies the difficult task of assigning and planning projects to a software development team.

Furthermore, Redmine allows project managers to access previous bugs, fixes, and planning and estimate the whole team's yearly progress.

The Freedom of Open Source

Redmine is open-source software, which means that it has open code. Therefore, the Redmine platform is free for any adjustments and modifications. This consequently makes the software more reliable and safe to use.

When using Redmine, project managers can deal with any bugs and errors that they encounter in a much more quick and efficient way. Since this tool has no centralized control, project managers do not have to wait for new updates on bugs and error fixes. Furthermore, it also allows them to make adjustments according to their specific requirements. Hence, they can work on a simple interface that does not have any unnecessary features.


Time Tracking Feature

The time tracking feature on Redmine allows project managers to efficiently manage and keep track of the time spent on each project or task. Project managers can simply do this by accessing the ‘time spent’ option of Redmine. This option opens up all the records of previous tasks and how much time the developers spent on each one. The project management team also has access to timesheets and time records of different projects, tasks, bugs, or fixes.  

Redmine's incredible feature is ideal for project management teams because of how essential time tracking is for a project manager. Managing and tracking time helps project managers decide payrolls and invoices for clients. Furthermore, it also helps them estimate the developer's wages since their payroll depends on their payable hours. Hence, this time tracking feature helps make these crucial decisions with ease.

It also improves the project planning of project managers by giving them a better idea of the time estimation for particular projects. It also gives them insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the developer team. All of this information proves to be critical in terms of planning projects in the best way possible.


Issue Tracking

Apart from time tracking, issue tracking is also a great feature of Redmine that favors project management teams. When a software company executes a project, it will inevitably face issues. For this, Redmine provides an issue-tracking feature that allows users to deal with issues easily. It allows users access to Gantt charts that make issues visible involving a start and due date as well.


Gantt Charts and Calendars

Gantt charts and calendars help project management teams view and organize their processes in a sophisticated manner. They provide a monthly and yearly overview of all the projects and tasks, helping project management teams evaluate the developers' timely progress.



Agile is a Redmine plug-in that significantly improves the project managers' performance, along with the developers. A plug-in that incorporates effective techniques to the project management process, these techniques significantly enhance the whole team's productivity. It helps project managers divide the projects into smaller tasks. Multiplying a project into smaller tasks makes the completion of a project faster and more accurate.

Agile provides project managers with time efficiency and satisfactory final products that make the clients satisfied. It does this by enabling project managers and developers to access task boards. These boards display each task's description, along with the designated developer expected to complete that task. Moreover, project managers can customize the task board’s setting, description, and the person assigned to them.


Help Desk

Helpdesk is another excellent feature that benefits project management teams. Without a sound customer support system, project managers are unable to produce positive results. Therefore, the Help Desk is a plug-in that tackles inadequate customer service-related problems.

It offers an email-sorting feature that helps you set each message and complaint of the client to the right people. This way, clients can get the best responses to their queries. Furthermore, it also gives access to ready-made answers for frequent questions asked by clients. This feature is essential for making your customer support quicker.


Other Features

Redmine makes it possible for project management teams to create news, documents, project wikis, create custom fields, manage files, and much more. The news area in the Redmine tool allows project managers to update the team with any recent and essential news. Furthermore, it also has a files module, which involves the details of all the uploaded files. Lastly, Redmine allows a project management team to customize the system using custom fields.


To Conclude

Redmine has a low installation cost, along with a free web-based user interface – an easy decision for project managers, which greatly increases the productivity of the entire business.

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