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1/18/2022 | 7 minutes read

Which Easy Redmine CRM Metrics You Should Track for Sales Success?

Quantifying and measuring sales success is extremely important in order to determine if your strategy is working the way you want it to and the key to pulling this off lies within the type of CRM metrics that you decide to track.

1/11/2022 | 8 minutes read

How to Manage Resources During Your Project and How Easy Redmine Helps

Resource management is one of the most important and trickiest constraints to navigate through while managing a project. Managing resources during a project is the key to ensuring effective and efficient fulfillment of project goals and objectives.

1/4/2022 | 7 minutes read

You Can Take Your Workflow Visualization to Next Level Through Redmine

Managing the workflow of all business tasks is crucial. However, many businesses fail to record the workflows because of completing complex tasks and solving problematic issues. When an IT organization is unable to document workflows, its management cannot anticipate the problems within time leading to process shifts.

12/28/2021 | 6 minutes read

How Redmine Can Help You Avoid Endless Micromanagement of Projects

Many managers will agree with the fact that excessive control over your employees influences their performance. When you excessively supervise each task, activity, and workflow, it implies that you do not trust your employees and their work.

12/21/2021 | 6 minutes read

Redmine Hosting and Server: Get to Know the Differences and Perks

While managing multiple projects at a time, many software development companies find it hard to handle all the steps of the development process without stressing out. The situation can easily become chaotic when you have a strict deadline to manage and a client to satisfy.

12/15/2021 | 2 minutes read

Technical Info: Easy Redmine Application Is Not Affected by the Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228

Our Easy Redmine application is safe for both the cloud and the server solution. It has no Java code whatsoever.

12/14/2021 | 6 minutes read

Learn to Supercharge Redmine – The Ultimate Project Management Tool

An open-source project management tool enables you to access source code, so you can modify, distribute, add, and use the tool according to your preference and needs. Big names in the technology industry are investing in open source projects. For instance, Microsoft invested in numerous open-source projects and acquired GitHub.

12/7/2021 | 2 minutes read

Case Study: Standardization of the Project Management Work – Ayesa Advanced Technologies

AYESA is an international Spanish company, dedicated to engineering, technology, and IT Consulting. Previously to have Easy Redmine, Ayesa was using several tools without any integration (MS Project, Jira, MS Excel, and other internal tools).

11/30/2021 | 5 minutes read

Steps: Create a New Redmine Dashboard for Your Project Management Activities

You can use Redmine dashboards to view the reports, but it also helps you instantly identify the problems and issues through customization. You can make your project management activities easier by including relevant data on your Redmine dashboard.

11/23/2021 | 7 minutes read

List Down the Best Time Tracking Tools That Integrate With Redmine

Time tracking tools are an essential aspect of withholding and running projects. With project management tools like Redmine, integration can yield better results. You will find many project management systems on the internet that do not have the essential feature of time tracking.


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