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Knowledge Base 2.0: the perfect way to access company's knowledge in Easy Redmine

5 minutes
Jan Pavera

How to avoid losing precious know-how, keep it in one place and improve the overall efficiency of the company's operations? Simply! All you need is the new Knowledge base we have integrated into Easy Redmine. See how it can help you and your business operation challenges. 

Knowledge Base 2.0 that adapts to your needs

Every company should centralize its knowledge and make it easily accessible to all employees. Usually, this is done through a separate tool from the one used for managing projects, processes, and daily tasks resulting in endless switching between tools whenever searching for important information.

We believe necessary information should always be at hand one click away – it should be clear, simple and convenient at all times. That’s why we integrated Knowledge Base into Easy Redmine

Having a Knowledge Base right in your project management tool is beneficial in many situations:

  • When you need to keep all important documentation in one place (GDPR, HR, Security, ISO, internal or public documentation or anything you can think of)
  • When there is a reoccurring or complicated process employees need to go through it is great place for instructions
  • When an employee is leaving the company he can hand-over his know-how and crucial information here
  • When a new colleague is coming and you need to ensure a smooth onboarding
  • When you need to share know-how with all departments

What can be Knowledge Base used for?

  • Technical and IT documentation
  • Integrated management system to meet standardization requirements
  • Process documentation
  • Support and customer service documentation
  • Quality management
  • Organization manuals and how-tos

New knowledge base 2.0 user interface.

Watch how to keep your company's know-how safe

Watch our recorded webinar and discover everything about Knowledge Base 2.0. Our Sales Director, Slavek Lizner, explains how to use it.

Watch webinar recording

Portrait of Slavek Lizner.

What makes Knowledge Base 2.0 unique

Knowledge Base 2.0. is based on a popular open source MediaWiki technology and its professional distribution BlueSpice. Thanks to that you can enjoy all the advantages of open-source solution – own the code, keep high security under your management, use high-end web technologies.

Well integrated into the Easy Redmine environment, it delivers a powerful toolset to organize and scale documentation, manuals, process, quality management and other needs to maintain knowledge within an organization. It is also available both on cloud or as on-premise.

Easy Redmine, in combination with Knowledge Base, offers a solution that is comparable to that of Jira Confluence. These two powerful platforms that are often used as alternatives to the Atlassian stack by many companies bring the same benefits. This is a topical issue now, as the end of support for Jira Server is approaching in February 2024.

New Knowledge Base with all the features you need

  • Wiki structured content
  • Powerful search cross application
  • Centralized user and rights management in Easy Redmine
  • Namespaces for restricted set of articles
  • Rich visual editing
  • Change and versions management
  • Approvals
  • Blogs
  • Usable for dashboard or homepage
  • Connections and mentions between articles, tasks and projects
  • Public articles to support help desk knowledge

Example of knowledge 2.0 post of detail for the meeting.

Simple upgrade

If you already use the legacy Knowledge Base in your Easy Redmine, the upgrade will be simple and without data migration. This will immediately provide you with new capabilities with a similar key in the Easy Redmine platform.

Try what Knowledge Base 2.0 can do

Knowledge Base in one single Easy Redmine tool will help you easily pass on the company's know-how and increase overall efficiency. Interested in trying it out? Fill in a simple form and we will send you the login.

Try it free

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