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Redmine Chat plugin

Project chat is an instant messaging tool (plugin) available for both Easy Redmine and generic Redmine. If you demand effective teamwork and collaboration, this extension is kind of necessity for you.

Logging time in Easy Redmine

There is couple of ways how You can log time in Easy Redmine. This video tutorial shows all options You have.

Configuring email notifications

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up e-mail notifications. Thanks to which you will be informed of work progress.

How to manage project finance budget in effective way

This tutorials shows how You can easily manage project finance in Easy Redmine. Shown on REAL existing project!
Get instant overview about financial health of Your projects.

Easily merge tasks or tickets

Merge existing tasks or tickets easily thanks to new feature of Easy RedmineWatch short video tutorial and boost your productivity!

Track travel costs and expenses for projects

Now easily manage travel costs and expenses for projects. How to do it? Learn in this video tutorial.

How to configure workflow based on your needs

This is one of the most important initial configurations in Easy Redmine. Once you get this done, you will have the perfect control over task tracking in the whole organization - from project owners to part-timers, and even to external parties, such as customer or external collaborators.

Logging of spent time through timesheets in Easy Redmine

Learn how to use new feature of Easy Redmine that let you log in, edit and manage time on projects through timesheets. Be more efficient, save Your time.

Probability of realization/success of planned project

Thanks to this feature managers have instant overview about planned projects = can allocate resources in more efficient way.

Tracking the project completion

The status of completion of project can be displayed as weighted average of % done with weights from estimated time. Learn how to use this in short video tutorial.

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