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Step up to the next-level project management with innovative Scrum Boards and Jump to Dashboards features of Easy Redmine 13. Lead your projects and business operations with confidence. 

Seamless work and laser-focused productivity

  • Scrum Boards - 100% Scrum and approved by a certified Scrum.org expert.
  • Knowledge Base and Asset & Configuration Management  - consolidation of your assets within one single platform. 
  • Custom Kanban - help you handle processes, spot bottlenecks and resolve them easily.
  • Fresh design - enhanced search function, custom filters, views, dashboards and much more.
  • Top-rated features - bulletproof security and the best performance in the Redmine world.

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How to get the most out of Easy Redmine 13?

Watch our recorded webinar and learn everything about Easy Redmine 13. Our Product Owner, Jan Řeřicha, explains the features of Easy Redmine 13. Discover the latest advancements, explore exciting features and gain invaluable insights. Play it now!

Next-level project management

Scrum Boards
Custom Kanban
Knowledge Base
Asset and Configuration

Perfect Scrum Boards

Follow Scrum rules and rituals. Work efficiently with transparent product backlog and sticky notes. Use the best practices of offline work in the online environment.
Designed in cooperation with Professional Scrum Trainer Karel Smutný (Scrum.org™) to promote teamwork and collective responsibility. Thanks to Easy Redmine 13 the implementation of Scrum is easy, flawless and effective.

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Deal with any workflow with ease

Custom Kanban offers greater flexibility, complementing Project Kanban. With task filtering and sorting, it frees you from project and backlog constraints. Experience improved team communication, transparency, and faster bottleneck resolution.

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Dashboards are just one click away

Get an easy access to your most needed dashboards. Whether you create a custom dashboard or a dashboard from a template, now it is easily accessible. Just jump to them and add them to your favourites. Have all dashboards at your fingertips.

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Complete know-how in one place

Avoid losing company know-how, keep it in one place and improve the efficiency of the company's operations. The right information is always at hand. The Knowledge Base uses wiki-structured content based on open-source MediaWiki technology, powerful search, visual editing and is connected to tasks.

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Asset & configuration management 

Manage and organise your assets and configurations in one tool. Create custom data fields and types, filters, sorts and views, all without the need for coding knowledge. All your assets and configurations are up-to-date and easily accessible.

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Designed to bring ease to your work

Embracing a modern approach, but sticking to the best practices. Our design groups all modules intuitively in one menu while projects and core functions are easily accessible in the other. The search bar and other vital UI elements stand out clearly. Your home dashboard is fully customisable. Our well-balanced dark mode ensures a seamless experience, optimal for late-night productivity.

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Immerse yourself in Easy Redmine's flow

Enterprise Open-source leader

Easy Redmine is the top enterprise open-source alternative to Jira, merging the best of both worlds. Utilizing it, you get the freedom and flexibility of open-source software combined with the robustness and comprehensive features of commercial solutions.

Customer Success team

With the deep expertise and personalized support of our Customer Success team, you'll receive the guidance you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals effectively.

Cloud or On-premise – it's up to you

Use it on your server or upgrade to our private or geolocated cloud. With 20+ worldwide locations, expect faster response and top-notch performance. We're always on-premises, committed to your choice.

Projects in the flow

Simplify your project management with Easy Redmine. Seamlessly manage resources, teams, deadlines, and project budgets without the hassle. Streamline resource allocation, collaborate effortlessly with teams, meet deadlines with ease, and effectively control project budgets.

Data migration

Simplify your migration process with Easy Redmine's user-friendly tool and professional support ensuring a smooth and fast transition in just three simple steps. With our comprehensive solution, Easy Redmine is fully equipped to replace your entire stack, whether it’s Jira or else.

Fast project delivery

Unlock a range of unique features for each project phase, accelerating your project delivery from beginning to end. Expect increased speed and effectiveness, as Easy Redmine empowers you to navigate every stage with top efficiency.

Bring harmony to your projects

Scrum Boards for better team collaboration

Our new Scrum Boards adhere to the principles of the Scrum methodology. They promote teamwork and collective responsibility. User experience emulates real-life collaboration as if your team was in a shared space. Real-time editing allows team members to see each other's updates instantly. Intuitively created cards are simplifying task assignments. The boards are LeSS-friendly (Large-Scale Scrum), accommodating backlogs for multiple teams simultaneously.

Custom Kanban works for everyone

Custom Kanban is a versatile solution that shines across a wide range of departments within an organization. From Quality Assurance and IT to Finance and Human Resources.

Its unique value lies in vast filtering capabilities. This feature enables a streamlined approach to task management, which is beneficial for teams that deal with high volumes of tasks or processes. An ideal choice for any department, team or individual who needs a strict, sequential workflow.

Dashboards are just one click away

Easily locate and customize dashboards that serve as guiding signposts within your organization. Be it team coordination, bug tracking, delivery processes, or control and reporting, these dashboards adapt to effectively accommodate your specific requirements.

True value emerges when you harness the capability to switch effortlessly between these dashboards - with the Jump to Dashboard function.

Unified documentation, information sharing

Keep a vital knowledge in one place and share it across the organization. Our Knowledge Base stands out by hosting a variety of manuals, how-tos, and instructional guides. The Knowledge Base ensures that team members have access to important information whenever they need it, saving your time and effort.

Organized assets and configurations

Manage software licence agreements efficiently and consolidate hardware information into one centralized repository. Our Assets & Configuration Management offers the ability to customize data fields, structures, filters, and views, allowing you to adapt the system according to your specific requirements. Direct linking assets to tasks simplifies assets administration and boosts your efficiency.

Intuitive design

Our improved design focuses on the needs of the most important user - you! The interface navigation is intuitive and offers improved performance and an enhanced dark mode that is ideal for night work. Enjoy a smooth and pleasant Easy Redmine experience!

Easy Redmine is much more

Easy Redmine offers a suite of tools providing everything you need for developing, delivering, and further supporting your products. With Easy Redmine you’ll get an integrated and unified platform for all your business operations.

  • Knowledge base
  • GitLab
  • HelpDesk
  • Resource management
  • Time tracking

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Reach the next level

Our users reported a significant upgrade in overall productivity. Just several months after using Easy Redmine on a daily basis.

+ 56%

Higher efficiency

+ 75%

Improved teamwork

+ 32%

Time savings

+ 81%

Increased productivity

+ 57%

Resource savings

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