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Easy Redmine Resource Planning

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Customer Portal

Easily access updates, submit tickets and purchase new plugin through your Customer Portal

Quick Project Planning

In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly create a bulk of tasts using Quick Planner.

What is Easy Redmine?

Find out why is Easy Redmine the best choice for your Project Management!

Documents sharing via short URL or QR code

In this video you will learn how share documents via short URL or QR code.

XML & CSV data importer

Learn how to use XML/CSV data importer. This importer allows you to import any existing data into Easy Redmine.

Quick "to-do" List

In this tutorial you will learn how to use "to-do" List, your personal list of tasks, visibly only to you.

Cost Estimation Module

Learn how to set up Cost Estimation module and about a variety of export and customization settings.

HelpDesk Setting

Learn hot to create a new mailbox and how to set it up in a project.

Inline Editing and Drag&Drop in action

Learn how to simplify your every day activities with inline editing and drag&drop function.

DMS Introduction

See how Easy Document Management System works, how to use versioning and set up approval workflows.

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