Easy Redmine is a suitable project management tool for all industries. Basic project management brings system into projects regardless of the type of implementation. Furthermore, thanks to particular extensions, there are specific solutions for IT & software companies, customer care, finance management and CRM.

Redmine Server Deployment

We know that on-premises Redmine deployment is popular within the community. That's why Easy Software administrators strive to deliver the best server deployments. Get your Easy Redmine on VMware, VirtualBox, or custom installation package for the easiest Redmine upgrade.

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Redmine Private Cloud

Redmine private cloud is designed for clients who need the top security, speed, and availability of Easy Redmine. Our private cloud provides clients with features of their own dedicated server while saving their internal IT resources. It is always deployed in the closest geolocation for maximum connectivity and speed.

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Redmine Global Cloud

Easy Redmine cloud is the best solution for your Redmine hosting. 20+ sites across the globe ensure the best connectivity and performance. The cloud includes Easy Redmine 11, which is the newest Redmine upgrade for highest user experience and the best project management.

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Redmine project planning and management

Precise planning of projects is the core of Easy Redmine. Project templates allow you to initialize complex projects within minutes. A drag & drop smart Gantt chart helps plan project schedule with no effort. Quick Project Planner or Resource Management enables you to distribute workload equally among all workers.

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Redmine task & time tracking

Task tracking on the project level is a basic system feature. Tasks are assigned to users who see them on their personal pages. Users update tasks according to the work-flow and permissions - this is how the users communicate & cooperate. External users such as partners or clients can access the system as well. There is just one key to advanced features - it is time tracking and estimated time..

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Redmine financial management - budgets & cash flow & invoicing

Plan & control project budgets! Cash flow forecast will show you what your expected incomes and expenditures are, budget sheet serves for salaries or invoicing and transaction manager keeps track of all transactions with your partners or workers.

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Redmine software development - project delivery

Easy Redmine is best suited for software companies. Agile Board is a great tool for agile development, Resource Management is suitable for management of bigger teams and more simultaneous projects where there are several project managers who share resources. Repositories integration allows precise code tracking and task trackers help with work management. 

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Redmine Help desk for customer care

Besides complex project management, Easy Redmine is often used as a Help Desk solution for customer care. The reason is simple - no more separate applications for various project stages. Easy Redmine Help Desk offers a complex customer care solution. 

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Redmine CRM and sales processes

Easy Redmine and CRM are in one application now. Projects can have a CRM module turned on and thus you can track your leads, opportunities, quotations, and clients. Sales communication can be done directly from Redmine thanks to an e-mail integration. Sales forecasts are there as well and therefore, your website or shopping cart can easily be integrated with Easy Redmine and you can manage it all in one place.

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Redmine back-office systematization & automation

Attendance monitoring enables you to track vacations, sick leaves, etc. Meeting planner & time manager makes personal time and team meetings management very easy. Moreover, you can add contacts to projects or tasks.

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