How Redmine Helps with Business Growth – A Simple Guide for Small Businesses

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Adéla Sýkorová

Let’s face it, improving productivity and boosting growth can be difficult for small businesses. But identifying the challenges to address problems is a good place to start. All you need is the right tool that helps you manage influencing factors.

Redmine is a project management tool that includes all the features you need to scale your business. It helps businesses track projects, avoid communication barriers, reduce the risk of errors, and streamline business operations. Want to know how Redmine organizes, manages, and tracks each project in real-time, so you can stick to the goal? You must understand the features that this project management tool offers.

Redmine Features that Impact Business Growth

Redmine is more than a project management tool, which helps it facilitate small businesses in numerous ways. Thanks to its open-source nature, teams can use it for bug-tracking, issue management, third-party integration, and other purposes. Teams with basic knowledge about software coding can download the source code and customize it according to their needs. Meanwhile, active and large communities are available to support businesses with a lack of knowledge. Some common features of Redmine are as follows.

1. Project Management

By tracking individual projects, businesses can visualize progress, anticipate risks, and solve challenges. These tasks directly influence business growth and efficiency. Project management also reduces confusion and minimizes mistakes among employees, so they can stick to goals.

Traditional project management methods were time-consuming and inefficient. But, advanced project management tools changed the game for businesses. Now, teams can create, track, and modify their tasks in real-time. With an open-source project management tool such as Redmine, small businesses can customize their tracking process and simplify business processes.

Redmine as a project management tool enables managers to assign projects to multiple users and define roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, it enhances and improves communication and collaboration among teams. Using advanced reporting options, supervisors can evaluate the performance of each employee and make well-informed decisions towards success.

2. Time Tracking

Time tracking is another important factor that influences business productivity and growth. As Redmine actively keeps track of projects, it reduces the risk of delays in completion. Businesses can experience delays for numerous reasons, including the complexity of the tasks and lack of resources. By using Redmine tools and features, business owners and managers can identify the cause and help employees manage projects in time.

Redmine helps businesses analyze users’ performance and fix problems as they crop up. Fixing problems in real-time will boost business productivity and result in drastic growth. Teams can access timesheets and reports with real-time insights. Plus, by reducing communication barriers, employees can discuss problems with managers and decrease the risk of mistakes.

3. Resource Management

Inefficient resource management also increases the time it takes for each employee to complete a task. Therefore, small businesses should keep track of their equipment, labor, materials, tools, and supplies. To solve this problem, you need a tool that offers resource management features

As Redmine is an open-source project management tool, you can integrate various third-party plug-ins and anticipate actual resources for each project. While assigning projects to different employees, you can predict and allocate resources that each employee requires. Furthermore, you can generate reports and charts to visualize resources used for previous tasks.

Redmine helps small businesses manage resources using three strategies. These strategies understand the required resources, allocating them to each employee, and tracking the resources used for each task. Following this management process with Redmine, every business can reduce costs, risks and solve future problems.

In other words, small businesses can anticipate the resource availability for each project and increase the success rate of the projects using Redmine.

4. HelpDesk

HelpDesk tools centralize information, streamline communication, and update responsible employees. These features help managers eliminate manuals, organize information, and boost business activities.

Redmine as a HelpDesk software provides solutions to employees, solves common problems, and contributes to business productivity. A single platform can manage IT requests, categorize issues, and reduce time consumption. Furthermore, Redmine helps businesses determine IT trends and improve workflow, which promotes business growth.

This multi-featured project management tool allows users to resolve problems in real-time. Also, managers can set priorities for tasks based on deadlines. With the reporting features, managers can instantly access HelpDesk reports and generate insights. They can view insights using different attributes and decrease issue-resolving time by making better decisions.

5. Issue Tracking

Redmine also enables managers to create issues and track bugs. Teams can manage workflow by radically tracking and solving issues from the users. When all issues are in a single location, managing workflow becomes easier. It allows managers to share location with the issue tracking team or assign selective employees to resolve those issues.

This time tracking tool also enables managers to track the time it takes employees to resolve each issue. Managers can also define user roles and responsibilities and track their performance for each issue. This feature also limits which employees can view and edit issues by offering authorization options. Once an employee resolves any issue, it moves to a dedicated folder. This folder works as a history of issues resolved. Using these features, team managers can track previous issues and how they were resolved. 

Tracking issues using traditional methods was no easy task. Furthermore, there would only be a single person available to keep track of issues. This process leads to numerous mistakes and human errors. On the other hand, Redmine is more efficient and transparent as every employee with access can view resolved, canceled, and active issues simultaneously.


Redmine is an ideal solution for thousands of businesses. Team managers can use it for multiple purposes, such as project management, time tracking, and resource management. The tool helps increase productivity and growth for small businesses by reducing errors and maximizing efficiency. Also, it helps business owners and managers make better and well-informed decisions, so they can focus on their goals.

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