Smarter project management in Redmine? Easy.

Upgrade to the new Easy Redmine 11+ with Mind Maps, B2B CRM, and improved HelpDesk.

Years of history

One Redmine to manage them all – projects, business, and customers? Easy.

Number one Redmine solution for all your key business needs:

  • New mind maps for efficient planning
  • Smarter and 10x faster search for smooth work
  • New B2B CRM to connect business and project management
  • Enhanced HelpDesk for maximum customer satisfaction
  • All connected to other PM best practices such as Gantt chart, WBS, or Resource Management

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How to get the most out of Easy Redmine 11+?

Watch our webinar recording and learn all about the upgrades in Easy Redmine 11+. Our QA Leader, Robert Kovacik, explains how the new version improves your project management. Play it now!

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What do you get with Easy Redmine 11+?

Perfect overview

Keep your projects, business, and client requests under control. All from one app.

A clearer head

Organize your ideas in project preparation phase using the new mind maps.

More time for real work

Don't waste time on a lengthy search, use it to be productive.

Improved team performance

Keep the whole team in the loop. With Gantt Chart, WBS, Resource Management and other connected project tools.

What makes Easy Redmine 11+ better than its previous version?

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Benefits of the new version 11+ in everyday practice

Organizing your thoughts easily for perfect order? Easy.

The new Mind Maps for effective planning and brainstorming becomes the native part of the application and therefore of your all projects. This makes Easy Redmine an all-in-one software for all phases of your project.

Faster and Smarter in-App Search

We've accelerated our in-app search by utilizing new technology and moving away from an older version of the native Redmine search. It is now more than 10x faster and also offers a clearer and more modern UI of search results in a modal view.

Full integration of project management and sales? Easy.

Keep your projects, leads, campaigns, and business opportunities close at hand. What you sell, you can manage in Easy Redmine. B2B CRM enables you and your partners to achieve even higher business goals.

1,000 or 10,000 HelpDesk users? Easy.

The new HelpDesk interface makes it easy for your clients to create a ticket. Moreover, with the new Easy Redmine you get unlimited number of HelpDesk users per one fixed price.

More accessible app, happier users? Easy.

Poorly adjusted display, difficult lighting conditions or color blindness? No matter, you can always switch Easy Redmine 11+ to contrast mode.

With Easy Redmine, you manage projects under one roof


Easy Redmine

Complete & extensible Redmine upgrade

Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade. A combination of new mobile design with useful plugins & features will make you enjoy your project management, improve communication & user experience and save your time. It is extensible with plugins for Resource, Agile, Finance, CRM, HelpDesk, and more.

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