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Bohemia Energy is de op één na grootste energieleverancier in Tsjechië. Het bedrijf heeft op 31 december 2013 meer dan 500.000 klanten. Easy Redmine wordt gebruikt voor het bijhouden van de vereisten van werknemers.


The client requested a system to manage internal requirements of customers, user authentication via LDAP, automatic changes of user permissions according to a change of their positions, notifications about blackouts, limitation of requirements workflow: users are restricted while editing requirements.


We created a structure of projects for managing requirements of the IT, Office and HR departments and trackers which correspond with the types of requirements. The requirements are specified using custom fields. In order to log into Easy Redmine, users fill in the company credentials and the LDAP authentication determines the users' inclusion in a project, their roles, personal homepage and, most importantly, the workflow:

Bohemia Energy-Easy Redmine-Budgets

  • Submitters of requirements can add new tickets using a form on the homepage. They can also see the overview of the submitted tickets, their status and notifications about scheduled outages.
  • The support team works on tickets approved by their manager and see the overview of tickets that are yet to be solved.

Users that don't log into Easy Redmine can send their requirements to a mailbox connected to Easy Redmine. Then a ticket is created automatically.

Custom modifications: LDAP connection, automatic changes or team member roles, change of design, additional filter options, chat for user groups, etc.

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