How is it between Redmine and Easy Redmine?

Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade. It is 100% Redmine compatible. It brings new & mobile design and the most wanted features, such as Easy Gantt, Global Gantt, project templates, dashboards, graphs & chart, chat and much more to your Redmine. 

Easy Redmine works as a plugin for Redmine and is always compatible with the latest versions of Redmine. 

All the improvements of Easy Redmine are described here.

I am already a Redmine user. Why and how should I upgrade?

Easy Redmine improves the basic user experience. The new design makes it easier to use Redmine both on the desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, it has all most wanted features that save time, improve team communication and make project management more enjoyable.

In addition to that, it is extensible and thus can support all business processes like Resource management, Agile development, Help Desk, Finance controlling and CRM. All these extensions are fully integrated together.

As a Redmine user, you can upgrade to Easy Redmine by installing Easy Redmine on your current Redmine installation.

Comparison of Easy Redmine with other PM apps?

Easy Redmine has all the features of the basic Redmine and many new plugins and improvements. Compared to other PM apps, Easy Redmine stands out with its on-premise installations (your server), Open Source licensing, extensibility and language localizations.

Most requested features are Resource Management, Easy Project Gantt and Global Gantt, WBS (visual mindmaps) and Help Desk

 Easy Redmine 2018
Easy Redmine
MS Project Server
MS Project Server
Open source
Issue tracking
Resource management
Finance Management
Customer Management
WBS - visual mind maps

Is there any documentation for Easy Redmine?

Easy Redmine Owner's manual contains all the need-to-know information about starting, setting up and basic use of the application.

More in-depth technical documentation about specific features and plugins is available in the Knowlegde base.

You can also watch video tutorials, past webinars, or join a planned webinar which contains time for Q&A.

Who is Easy Redmine designed for?

Easy Redmine is a tool for anyone who deals with Redmine and projects: portfolio & project managers, SCRUM masters, IT managers, senior managers & C-level managers, team leaders, freelancers, small and big business owners. It is here to simplify your work and ensure efficient project delivery. 

Is Easy Redmine compatible with other 3rd parties' Redmine plugins?

It depends on a particular plugin. However, our experience shows that it works with plugins compatible with the latest versions of Redmine. On the other hand, a full functionality with every third-party-released plugin cannot be guaranteed from our side.

A list of tested and compatible plugins can be found here

Note: We keep up-to-date with latest Redmine updates and releases.

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