Scrum Boards

Based on insights from 200 Scrum teams worldwide, we have built the all-new Scrum boards designed to foster seamless real-time collaboration and accelerate the product value delivery.

Key features:

  • Collaborate in real-time
    The Scrum Boards instantly reflect the real-time task updates for everyone‘s visibility.
  • Break down complex work
    Divide large work items into smaller manageable tasks effortlessly by using the new Split feature.
  • Manage tasks in sticky-note style
    Create, update, and organize tasks as easily as working with physical sticky notes.
  • Keep your backlog well-organized
    Color-code your backlog items, search them by keywords or emojis, and sort them as needed.

Mastering Scrum: The Agile Project Management Framework

The Agile Project Management Framework

In partnership with a certified Scrum expert, we have crafted three dedicated Scrum boards, empowering efficient Scrum rituals and optimizing Scrum roles utilization.

Product Backlog Board

Centralized space that helps Product Owners to manage requirements, refine them collaboratively with the team, and break down complex work items into actionable tasks.

Sprint Overview Board

Essential tool for sprint planning and review, enabling teams to define a clear sprint goal and monitor the sprint‘s overall status and performance.

Team Sprint Board

The dedicated board empowers the development team to collaborate, track tasks, and visualize progress in real-time during the sprint execution.

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